Monday, October 26, 2009

And Baby Makes 4!

So I guess it's about time I update the blog. So sorry in advance if this is really long! We have been having an amazing time with Miss Mia. She is growing by the day and becoming more and more fun along the way. After her 1st birthday we decided we were ready to start thinking about adding another baby to the mix. I went off the pill in May and we figured it would take us awhile to get pregnant since it took 2.5 years to have Mia. Well, I had one cycle on my own. A REALLY long cycled followed that we induced with a Progesterone Shot. Then the 3rd cycle we decided to do a round of Femara, which was my miracle drug with Mia. I ovulated all 3 rounds when I took it before. All by day 18, which is good. This time I took it, got a Positive OPK, followed by a negative Progesterone test (NO OVULATION), then I got another Positive OPK, followed by another negative Progesterone test (NO OVULATION). Then VERY late in my cycle I started crampy and got yet ANOTHER positive ovulation test. I called the Dr and asked for another progesterone test, but they said there was no way I ovulated that late in my cycle. But I waited and prayed, knowing that God is faithful and hears the cries of His people. On Tuesday, September 15th, I was suppose to go get my shot to induce my period. However, my body had other plans. I took a test in the morning, just to make sure and it was Positive. Very faint, but I was only 9DPO. I was in shock. I had a blood test later that day and it was also positive.

The most amzing part is that the Dr. said I actually ovulated on my own, that the medication didn't work, but my body did! AMAZING! Praise God!!

So I waited until after work and after the Dr to tell Josh. He came in from working outside and Mia was wearing a shirt that said, "I'm the Big Sister, Amelia" and carrying the test that said Pregnant. Needless to say he was shocked. He thought just as I did that this cycle had been a bust and that we were on to another, but God had bigger and better plans for us.

So please pray for a healthy and safe pregnancy for the Stocking household.