Friday, September 26, 2008

5 months and 22 weeks!

So Mia is continuing to grow right before our eyes! She just amazes us more and more everyday. She is now a pro at rolling from back to belly...however, she wants NOTHING to do with rolling from belly to back, so a typical day on her mat is like this: Starts on back...quickly rolls over to her belly, cries, we help her to her back again, she quickly rolls over onto her belly, cries, and the cycle repeats until we finally pick her's too funny!
She has such a personality and still tends to be a pretty sassy baby...but at the same time she is SO fun...laughing and smiling and engaging our attention. I love every minute of it!
Here she is with her daddy...I think she was trying to say "Daddy, I love you THIS much!"
Here I am 5 months post-partum, I still have some weight to go, but Stroller Strides is kicking my butt, so hopefully I'll be skinny again soon!
Mommy and Mia
Look how big those thighs are...this little one is definately not starving!
Mia 22 weeks old!! I just can't believe it sometimes!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We have a roller!!

So tomorrow Mia is 5 months old!! And while she refuses to be on her belly and therefore will not roll from belly to back, she has mastered back to belly. Today was the first time she did and she did it at least 5 times...she cries once she gets to her belly though!! haha!!

So here is our baby girl rolling over!

Friday, September 19, 2008

21 weeks!!!

WOW!!! So much is happening in our lives right now, I sometimes feel slightly overwhelmed. However, when I stop long enough to breathe, I realize how blessed we are as a family. Mia is growing bigger and bigger everyday. She is so fun, most of the time! haha!! She still isn't sleeping well, but as tired as I am, I wouldn't trade these moments for anything. I still look at her in amazement and wonder how I could love someone so much. She is such a blessing to our lives. I have also been reminded of what an amazing husband I have. Sometimes I wonder if there are any dads better than Mia's. No matter how tired he is, or how late he has worked the night before, he is up with her every morning. He loves spending time with her and because of that I am able to do some things I enjoy while he spends time with her. The look on her face when she sees her daddy is priceless. My prayer is that if every baby had a daddy HALF as great as Josh...children would have an amazing role model in their life and know the unconditional love of a daddy!

Here are some recent pictures of Miss Mia...
This is Mommy and Mia before going to run some errands
Mia cuddling with her new blankie...don't worry she still perfers her "stinks"
Okay, so this is the most exciting news. Mia won the Cutest Baby contest at Happy Joe's. We entered her in the 0-5 month group, she had to go up before a panel of 5 judges. She was smiling so big at all the judges. So she won!! She got a tiara, trophy, Free Pizza for a Year from Happy Joe's. It was so adorable...and so now I am not just a biased's official...she IS the cutest baby!!! haha~~~
Here she is with her tiara and trophy
21 weeks old! Look how big she is!
So big...and on 1 foot!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

20 weeks!!

Well, Mia and I are taking a Stroller Strides class 3x a week. It is awesome, because Mommy gets to try to get back into to shape and Mia gets to come along for a ride in her stroller!! She LOVES being outside. She is getting so big, although she still refuses to roll over, hopefully soon I will be posting that she rolled over, but right now she is happy on her back hitting her toys!
She had to go to the Dr. last Thursday because she had a clogged tear duct and she weighed in at 17lbs, 2oz. That means she gained a pound in 2 weeks!! YIKES!! Oh well, we like her a little chunky!! haha!!

We are also blessed because on Monday nights my mom is watching her so I can go teach dance. I just feel so blessed that my mom and Mia get that time to bond.
Here is a picture of Grandma and Baby Mia! :)
And here is Mia, 20 weeks old, with her belly all hanging out!
Look at that face..she is changing so much!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

19 weeks!!

So here is Mia in her White Sox Dress...she was watching the White Sox game!! Such a cheerleader!
Pretty intense, huh?!?!
Daddy and Mia getting ready for Fantasy Football...she was helping him pick players!
19 weeks old!! She is so big!
Check out those chunky thighs!