Thursday, August 28, 2008

18 weeks old~

So Mia turned 4 months old on Friday. I just can't believe that our little one is getting to be not so little anymore. Here are the most recent pics.
I took Mia for her first run in the jogging stroller...let me tell you what a workout it is running while pushing a stroller and holding onto the dog, all while being very out of shape!! But we survived and she loved it.

Here is mommy and Mia after our run....she loved it "THIS" much!

Mia also had her 4 month check up! She is doing great! She is 16lbs, 4oz (95th percentile) and 24 inches tall (50th percentile). The Dr. is going to have us keep her on Nutramigen since she did NOT do well when we tried to switch her last week, but he said we could try to start some cereal.
Big smiles - 4 months old!
Chillin' on the couch after her shots
So we decided to try some cereal. We stripped her down, put on a bib, placed her in the bumbo and got out the camera!

She took her first bite and just sat there with a "What was that?" look on her face
Then she decided she did NOT like that!! we are going to wait a little longer on the cereal!!
Here she is at 18 weeks before bed
And here she is in her big girl jeans and t-shirt

And of course she has her hands in her mouth...she loves her hands!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

17 weeks old!

Well Miss Mia is 17 weeks old today. Friday will mark her 4 month birthday and shots (YIKES). I am not excited about the latter. Well, we decided to be adventurous this week and try to transition her off the Nutramigen and back onto Gentlease. She did good for a couple of days and then started getting super fussy again. I am not sure if she is teething (she is drooling a ton, wants to chew on her fingers, my fingers and everything else she can get in her mouth) or if it's the formula. So just be safe, we put her back on the Nutramigen. Hopefully that will make things a little better. Other than that, things are great. She is getting so big and there are days when I start crying looking at her and how much she is changing and growing. They are tears of joy but also a little bit of sadness that my baby is growing so fast. Here are some new pictures!

Josh and I went on a much needed date night last week. My mom came and watched Mia for a couple of hours. We went to Woodfire Grill for dinner, took a walk across the skybridge, then we went and played Miniature Golf, where I beat Josh for the first time in 3 years!! YAY!! Exciting stuff! After that we took a trip to the Lagoon, where Josh proposed, and walked around. It was so beautiful out that night and it was so refreshing to just be Josh and I for a little bit. I have always said that even after kids I want my marriage to be a priority. I want Mia to grow up in a loving household where her parents are still in love and show the importance of that. We also celebrated 6 years since our first date. I just can't believe what a lucky woman I am, and how lucky Mia is to have such an amazing daddy!
Here we are leaving for date night.
This is Mia in her princess crown. We went to our friend's daughther's 3rd birthday party and the kids got crowns, so I thought Mia should wear one...she didn't even care!
These are her new jammies, they say Amelia on them. I think she was done with pictures and ready for bed.
We took a trip to the park and I thought Mia should wear her new shades and hat!! haha!! Too cute!
Mommy and Mia heading to the park.
The family at Vanderveer!
And here is the big girl at 17 weeks old, just days shy of 4 months old!

And here is her big smile that melts my heart everytime!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

16 weeks!

Well it has been a rough week to say the least. My grandma passed away last Thursday, August 7th. It was so hard to say goodbye to such an amazing woman. However, there was one thing that brought me peace...I took Mia up to the hospital Thursday night, because we got permission for her to be there (nobody under age 12 allowed). I sat her on the bed with grandma and Mia hit her arms a few times, then I put her up by Grandma's face and she drooled on Grandma's forhead! :) I left knowing that even though grandma wasn't awake, I know she felt Mia's presence, she loved her SO much. Not even 12 hours after we left, Grandma passed. I truly think Grandma was waiting to say goodbye to Mia. I know that Mia has a very special guardian angel watching over her! I am at peace knowing she is in a better place and she got to say goodbye to her great-grandbaby!

Mia turned 16 weeks is unbelievable to think that she is almost 4 months old. She is so much fun, laughing, smiling and developing a personality everyday. She loves seeing grandma and especially Aunt Lindsey, who watches her everyday...they have really formed a special bond that I am so greatful for.

This week is also exciting because tomorrow, August 13th marks the 6 year anniversary of mine and Josh's first date. 6 years ago tomorrow Josh picked me up from the gym, took me to the Dock for dinner, we walked on the river, and watched Varsity Blues at my college house. Who would have thought 6 years later, we would be married almost 4 years and reaping the blessings of our 16 week old daughter. I am so blessed to have met someone who completes me so perfectly. He truly is one of the greatest blessings in my life!
Here we are after Grandma's funeral
Mia after Grandma's funeral...she looked so adorable...Grandma would have loved it!
Here is she looking so big in her jeans and little hoodie!
She is so big, she can face outwards in the stroller...she loves when we go for walks like this.
And here she is for the first time in the grass...
...I'm not sure she liked it!
And here we are...16 weeks old!
Watch out boys...check out that face...she is TOO cute!
So big...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

15 weeks and growing big!

It is amazing to watch Mia change and grow everyday. She is such a blessing to us and our family. This has been an extremely sad and exciting week. It is sad because my grandmother is passing away. We are to the point where we are just waiting. Grandma loved Mia so much . After her surgery, all she wanted to see was is so amazing to me to see the joy a child can bring to others. Tonight we got to take Mia to the hospital to say goodbye to grandma. I know she doesn't understand and won't remember, but hopefully at least grandma felt her presence tonight. The thing that keeps me going is knowing that when Grandma passes she will be in Heaven with the Father that loves us so much! I know that she will always watch over us and I know that Mia will always have a very special guardian angel!

The exciting news is that Mia is going to be a big cousin...and more twins! Yes, my little sister is having twins. We are so excited. What a blessing. I know Grandma would have been so excited and I know she will be watch over them as well.

Well, here are some new pictures...the first one is is when Mia was 2 days old and still in the hospital...but these pictures mean so much I wanted to share.
Here is great-grandma Julie and Mia
And here is 4 generations! I am so blessed that she was able to meet her, even if just for a short time! I love you, grandma!
Well, fast she is at 15 weeks...isn't it amazing how much she has changed? This is her in the jumparoo a friend let me borrow...she loves it!!
When in doubt, pinky out!
15 weeks...what a cutie!
Mia and her hero, who she calls "Daddy"!