Sunday, February 15, 2009


When my grandma passed away in August, it was really hard on me. My grandma was one of the most amazing, caring, sweet, loving people you would ever meet. I remember right before she passed, the night before her surgery, she wanted to feed Mia. I made sure Mia had eaten enough to satisfy her and then handed her to my grandma. Grandma weighed maybe 90 pounds. So we propped up Grandma's arm and laid Mia there. Grandma fed her a few sips and then would sit her up to burp. It was just the neatest thing watching my grandmother feed MY child. I miss her so much. I'm so sad that Mia will never have any memories of her besides the ones I tell that is how this came about. My grandpa asked me to take my grandmother's wedding ring in to get appraised so he could sell. My mom brought it over and gave it to me...I put it fit! My 90 pound Grandma's ring, fit. And it fit perfect. The minute I put it on I knew I wanted it, that I needed it. I took it and got it appraised...I then told my grandpa I would pay him what it was worth to keep it. However, I felt bad that my sister wouldn't have a piece of it. So after some discussion with my grandpa I knew EXACTLY what to do!! I took it to our jewelers, a friend of ours, and he separated the engagement and wedding band. He replated the engagement ring to match my wedding set and then he melted down the wedding band and made 3 baby rings, one for Mia and 2 for the twins.
I think this will be an amazing way to remember my grandmother...especially because those rings were a symbol of over 54 years of marriage! What a testament of love and commitment!

The engagement ring replated and one of the baby rings
Me wearing the rings

The engagement ring

And Mia's baby ring!

Hats and Mittens!!! Yippee!!!

Pictures from 1-16-09. Mia has changed so much over the last few weeks. She has a tooth now. The first one she got on January 4th, 2009. It was a horrible, 3 week process that consisted of lots of crying, drooling, sneezing and vomiting. But we finally have a tooth. She also learned how to clap. We say "clap clap clap" and she flails her hands together trying to clap!

We also got a new hat and mittens for her...they are TOO cute!!!
Here she is trying to clap
Big smiles...Can you see her tooth?

Daddy and Mia playing with Comiskey the dog...she thinks her dog is hilarious!!

Playing with her new Stage toy...she LOVES to look at herself in the mirror.

Another Christmas

My sister and Auggi were in California for the holiday season, so when they returned the beginning of January, we celebrated Christmas with them then. It was great to be with family and Mia LOVES her Aunt Lindsey, so she was really excited to see her after she had been gone for 2 LONG weeks!! We had such a blessed year this Christmas!

Opening her LeapFrog Toy and Game from Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Auggi

Aunt Lindsey and Baby Squishy....that's what Linds calls her!

Aunt Lindsey, Uncle Auggi and Baby Mia

The girls...Mom, me, Mia and Linds
Baby Mia loves her twin cousins so much already!!!

My baby blue eyes and New Year's Eve!

Mia is growing up right before our's amazing, yet sometimes sad! Here she is on New Year's Eve, happy as can be. She is such a beautiful baby, with an amazingly STRONG personality!!
Mia and her bear! She is SO big!!

I love her smile in this picture!

Mia's Christmas Dress

8 Months Old!! Celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus!

Seriously...isn't she adorable?

Mia's first Christmas

We celebrated Mia's first Christmas this year and it was a blast. She did such a good job, opening her presents!! She was for sure, our greatest present ever. Here we are at my Grandpa's Christmas day opening presents. It was a bittersweet Christmas this year. My grandma just passed away in August, and it was hard celebrating knowing she wasn't with us...but I know she was watching over us.
Mia smiling at her present from grandma.
Trying to open her present

We did Christmas Eve at Nana and Papi's (Josh's parents).
Here is Mia and Nana
And here is the best present we ever received!!