Friday, June 10, 2011

Funny Story

Roman has been getting into the dog's water on a regular basis. We have tried EVERYTHING short of removing the water (which I do not believe in, because I think he needs to learn). We have tried redirecting, physically moving, saying "NO TOUCH" in a stern voice and nothing has worked so tonight I tried a different tactic and this is what happened!!

Roman headed towards Comiskey's water and put his hand in there. I said "NO TOUCH" and moved him into the living room. He crawled as fast as he could back to the bowl and did it again. So I walked over, smacked his hand (not hard, don't worry), said "NO TOUCH" and moved him to the living room. He started crying but didn't go back to the bowl. Here is where the funny part comes in. I turn around and Mia is SOBBBING, I asked her what's wrong and her response was "Don't spank him, he's my favorite brother. You hurt my feelings, cuz he's my favorite brother, don't spank him"
I busted out laughing!! I couldn't help it. I barely tapped him but because he cried she was SO upset! It was a really sweet moment actually and I realized how special that bond of siblings really is!


So I thought I would give a quick update on what's going on in the Stocking household!

Roman had an evaluation with the AEA since he has low muscle tone. He barely qualified but is just at the 25% delay level so they picked him up. It was bittersweet. I am so sad that he needed assistance and services but I am so glad we are in an area that provides these services for free. Before the initial evaluation he wasn't even army crawling. At the initial evaluation he finally started army crawling. Then we had his formal evaluation and plan development and he crawled on all 4's and pulled up to stand at the stairs for one of the first times. We were so excited. This was a big accomplishment considering he had just turned 1 and wasn't doing any of this. So we have our first REAL Physical Therapy appointment coming up on Tuesday and just this week he climbed the ENTIRE flight of stairs (All 13) and started pulling up to stand on EVERYTHING except a flat wall!! This is such a huge accomplishment for our little lazy boy!! I am excited to see what the PT says when she sees him.

On another note he is saying the following words:
Ball (This is his all time favorite thing. He wakes up saying Ball)
However, the little stinker still refuses to say Mama!!

He still continues to be the most amazing baby. Unless he is hungry, or confined to his stroller he is the happiest baby ever!! He adores his sister and LOVES food!!

Mia is still our little Princess. She loves to make us happy and loves to hear that we are happy with her. I think her love language is "Words of Affirmation". She is such a great helped with Roman, she sings to him, she tries to explain what's going on. Overall she is a joy.

She is also in the stage of 1 million questions. Anytime she is with us, in the car, whereever she has a question for us, anything from "Where are we going?" to "Why are the cars stopping?" to "Where is God right now?" Sometimes I LOVE the questions and conversation and honestly sometimes there are days that I just need a LITTLE quiet. All in all though I love this girl more than life itself. She is smart, funny, adorable, kind hearted and simply amazing!!