Sunday, October 03, 2010

Another 5K and Mia's 1st Race

Saturday was Ambrose Homecoming and since I work there I decided to once again participate in the St. Ambrose Killer Bee 5K. Josh was also nice enough to join me, although I ended up pushing both kids and Josh ended up running by himself. The course is pretty hilly and I did HORRIBLE. I will use pushing both kids as an excuse, but I really need to get back into running shape. I ran the 3.1 miles in about 35 minutes, which is an all-time SLOW for me...oh well, at least I did it. And now I have some motivation to do WAY better.

It was also FREEZING out and by the time we were done Mia was beyond cold. However, we warmed up a bit and then it was time for her first race, the BUMBLE RUMBLE. She was NOT at all excited until the kids started running and then she thought it was all pretty funny. Daddy ran with her and she did great. She even "won" a medal (okay, everyone did, but she didn't realize that).
Here she is running with daddy.
On the way to the finish line
Mia and her medal!

Fall Fun at the Apple Barn

I love fall, our family loves fall. We wait for this time of year all year long...and it's finally here. Fall has been made even more fun since having kids. This year for the first time we went to Stone's Apple Barn in Hampton, IL. We went with our small group from church and had a blast. Roman did was Roman does, and slept 99.99% of the time...he is such a good, laid back baby. Mia had a blast running around, picking apples, and eating them right off the trees.

Mia is at such a fun age, where she is really starting to enjoy the activities we are doing. She loved riding on Daddy's shoulders to pick apples from WAY up high! Eventhough it was cold and rainy, we had a blast.

Here is daddy and Mia as the rain started picking up, but everyone was still all smiles.

Here she is eating another one of the apples she picked...I'm not sure how many she ate while we were there!
Mommy and Mia picking apples.
Roman doing what he does best, sleeping! What a good baby.
This is one of the first ones she picked...she was so excited!
Here is our small group from church and all our kids. Roman finally woke up for this part. We are so blessed to be part of a church and small group where we can make such amazing friends!

And here is our family picture at the Apple Barn.
Mia was so cute afterwards. I made muffins from the Apples for her to take to preschool, since it was her snack day. She was so excited to tell her teachers about her "apple muffins with apples from the Apple Barn". If anyone asked about her muffins, she would correct them and tell them they were "Not muffins, apple muffins"
Her words and stories are becoming so clear and hilarious most of the time.