Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Single Digit Weeks Left

I have less than 9 weeks left before we meet this little baby. I can't believe we are getting so close. The nursery is almost complete. We just need to get a matress and a rug and the nursery is done. We are getting so excited.

I am feeling great. There are some days that I forget I am even pregnant. It was so nice this week, while I was driving home with the windows down, I thought "I should go running"...then I realized at 31 weeks, I probably can't just pick up and go running! Hopefully, I will be able to back into the swing of things quickly.

Little one is moving a lot lately, you can see the baby move all the time. I think it's awesome, Josh is still semi weirded out when he sees or feels baby move.

Mia is doing great and getting closer by the day to her 2nd birthday. She now sings Happy Birthday to herself and when asked how old she will be on her birthday she says "Two". Her words are becoming more clear and she loves to tell stories and point EVERYTHING out. She also loves helping mommy set the table for dinner every night. She is such a good helper (when she's in a good mood)! She has started throwing temper tantrums which is a real treat. She screams, flops on the floor and cries uncontrollably...sometimes it takes everything we have not to laugh. But overall, she is such a joy! She is full of personality and love being with her everyday.

So here are the pictures for the week. I gained back the pound I lost last week, plus 1. YIKES!! Oh well...that's okay. Here is the picture of my belly covered, it's getting big!
And here is the naked belly. Look how round that belly is!!
And one full length picture for fun. Also, a picture with my hair actually down. It's getting long!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Infertility Ads That Hit Home!

I stole these from my friend's blog (Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Baby) and definitely thought they were worth sharing. It is amazing to me that after having Mia and being pregnant with this baby that the feelings of Infertility NEVER go away. I have been so blessed on my journey to have had Mia and to be welcoming a new baby VERY soon. Yet, when I watched these ads, my heart ached, the tears flowed and I saw myself and so many of my friends sitting on that couch having that conversation.

I have said this before, but I will say it again. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason in life. Infertility is something I wish I NEVER would have had to endure, but I realize why I did:
*I became a better mother, appreciating and treasuring every moment of pregnancy (Even the vomiting), delivery and my daughter. I learned to appreciate the very thing we had worked so hard to achieve.
*I made amazing friendships and strengthened other ones. I had an amazing support team, most of whom have now welcomed their own little miracles. These are the ones I laughed with, cried with and who listened to me vent at the top of my lungs.
*I learned to trust God with everything I had and all that I am. I knew that only faith would get me through this time...and it did.
*I learned to love a man more than I ever thought was possible. My husband, became my biggest supporter, loving me when I was completely unlovable in the midst of infertility, telling me he would love me if I could never give him a child. He reminded me how blessed we were to have each other, how love always prevails. And while the journey was not and has not been easy, we have a bond that can not be broken. We have been to the pits of hell and survived. He is my rock, my everything and the most amazing daddy and husband anyone could ask for.

Through everything I learned, and all the blessings I have been given, the reality still remains that there are those out there who are still hurting, yearning for their baby. I continue to pray for those who have not yet received their miracle, their healing in the process.

Just as a friendly reminder, if you have never experienced infertility or loss, you will never REALLY know how we feel, we can't relax, it won't just happen. Yes, we will cry and even become angry. It's not about you or your child, it's just that the hurt is sometimes unbearable. So if you know someone struggling, be supportive, let them cry and rejoice like you never have when they share the news of the blessing they will soon hold in their arms.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

30 weeks, 10 weeks (or less) to go!

Another week has past and that means we are another week closer to meeting this precious gift from God. I can't believe I am already at the 30 week mark. That means after today I am down to single digit weeks. It's amazing. Each week has brought us closer to the ultimate gift, and we couldn't be more excited.

The nursery is almost all the way completed, just need to finish some last minute details (Rug, blinds, curtain rods hung up, and buying a crib mattress. It's so fun watching it all come together. It's hard to think sooner than later, I will be putting our baby to bed in there!

For fun, I thought I would add some comparison pictures to see how much I've grown over the last 30 weeks.
Here I am at 10 weeks
And here I am at the halfway mark...20 weeks
And today, 30 weeks pregnant.
Overall, I am still feeling great. The weather has been beautiful, I've been playing outside with Mia and enjoying her more and more everyday. She has been such a blessing to our family and I can't wait to see how she is with this new baby. I think she is going to make such an amazing big sister.
On an exciting note, I lost a pound this week. That means my weight gain is about 1/2 what is was at this point in my pregnancy with Mia...that is VERY exciting to me! :)
Here is a full view shot.
And the classic bare belly

3D ultrasound, and a peek at our baby

Yesterday, Josh and I headed to Naperville, IL to Stork Snapshots to see our little baby in 3D. We did the same thing when I was pregnant with Mia and I loved being able to see her before she actually arrived...plus I had a gift certificate.

We made sure to tell the tech right away that we did NOT want to know the gender. She agreed, but later asked if we wanted her to take pictures of the gender and save them to the CD so we would have them for later (after the baby came). I IMMEDIATELY said "NO". I knew if she did that I would look the second I got home. So still a surprise baby!

However, I have to say after the ultrasound I will be SHOCKED if it is a girl. This baby looks JUST like Mia and Josh, the lips, chin, everything is the same, but something about this baby looks like a boy.

So enjoy looking at our little baby! I think this baby is beautiful, of course, I'm probably a little partial!
Look at those lips (they are identical to Mia and Josh)

Here is a great shot of the baby's chin AKA Josh's chin

This is the one that I think SCREAMS boy.
And here is a comparison with Mia's pictures on the left and Baby Stocking on the right.
What do you think?

Mia busting a move!

Just for fun, I thought I would had a video of little Miss Mia busting a move!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

29 weeks and an exciting week!

Here we are at the end of another week. Today marks 29 weeks down and 11 to go. I can't believe we are getting so close to meeting this sweet little baby. Overall I am still feeling great, besides the occasional backache. I am still working out (cardio and strength training) 3 days a week, and I added in a yoga class once a week. I think all those things have helped me continue to feel as good as I do. It's amazing how 2 pregnancies can be so different. With Mia, I was still vomiting every day, and this one I am working out, playing with Mia and feeling great.

This week has been exciting though for another reason. Mia has been using the big girl potty!! YAY!! Now, it's not consistent yet, but 3 days in a row, we have had at least one time a day of going in the potty chair. Now, THAT'S exciting. She is so funny when she goes, she stands up, looks inside and we all clap and cheer really loud. Then we say bye to the pottys and go get our potty treat (a dum-dum sucker). I am pretty excited that we are at least making progress, especially since she isn't even 2 yet. I'm not pushing anything, but we are definately starting to encourage it.
The other exciting thing that will be happpening this coming week is Saturday Josh and I are heading to Naperville (Chicago area) for a 3D ultrasound of this baby. We are so excited to see what it looks like again!! We will share pictures as soon as we get them!

So here are the pictures from the week, I actually lost a 1/2 pound this week. So the weight is still looking good. Sorry for the no makeup look, it was the end of the night and I still fighting off a little bit of a cold.

And a close up of the belly covered

And here is the naked belly (you made need sunglasses...it's pretty pasty white)

Changing Pad Cover I made.

I found a pattern online for making a changing pad cover, and thought I would give it a try. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. I used 100% cotton flannel in two different fabrics. Here is the finish project. I love it!! I am so excited.
And here is the finished project in the room. It was super easy to make (completed during one of Mia's naps) and I am looking forward to making more, especially once we find out who this baby is!

Monday, March 08, 2010

28 weeks and 29 years old!

So today marked a very special day for many reasons. Today marked my 29th birthday. I can't believe this is the last birthday I will spend in my 20's. Wow!! Looking back, I never realized this is where I would be in life. I can't believe that as I celebrate my 29th birthday, this is the year that I will have been with Josh 8 years, married for 6 years and shortly after my 29th birthday I will become a mom to 2 precious children. I just can't believe how blessed I have been during my lifetime. I continue to be amazed.
This birthday was special for me for another reason too. My niece and nephew (my sister's twins) celebrated their first birthday today. It is so amazing to be able to share this time with them. We have started a sort of tradition on "our" birthdays. We are going to take a picture of the 3 of us on our birthdays to celebrate the very special bond that we have.

Here are me and the twins on my 28th birthday and their "birth" day.
Auggi on the left and Milli on the right

And here we are today, me celebrating my 29th birthday and the twins celebrating their 1st.
Auggi on the left, Milli on the right

The twins had a birthday party at Jungle Bungle and because my sister is so sweet, she got me my very own cake and sang happy birthday to me! It was great. I am so blessed to have such an awesome family!

This week had some serious effects on my weight! I'm going to blame the birthday dinner, trivia night snacks and other food that I've induldged in this week for the 3 pound weight gain. I know I shouldn't be concerned...and I'm not really, I just don't want to see anymore 3 pound weight gains in a week!
This past week I also had my glucose test and I PASSED!! YAY!!! Baby is measuring great and the heartbeat continues to be around 147. I am still feeling great and continue to work out with my Stroller Strides girls 3 days a week and teaching dance 1 day a week.
We also put up the crib and dresser this week. Josh finished painting the room and installed the new closet system. It is becoming more and more real that this baby is coming soon. I can't believe it.
Here are the pictures from this week. I decided to actually include one with my face!! haha!!

Check out the size that belly is getting

And the bare belly shot.

Ultrasound pictures

Here are the ultrasound pictures that I had done a couple weeks ago. It was so amazing to see this little baby and it was crazy to see how much this baby looks like Mia. Here are some of the pictures for you to enjoy.

Profile with the arm in front of the face

Another profile picture with the hand in front of the face...this is how Mia use to sleep too!

A front view of the face...look at those cheeks and Mia and Josh's chin!

Look at those little toes. Mia has the same little gap between her big toe and the rest of her toes.