Tuesday, November 25, 2008

31 weeks

Here is Mia this week in her mini skirt...her belly is getting a little big, so I figured I would try to get one more picture with her in it!

Just chillin'

Sitting up so big....this was right before she spit up peas on herself!

30 weeks old!

Well little Miss Thing continues to grow and change before our eyes. Her newest "Trick" is making this really weird grunting noise. I'm not sure where it came from but she definately grunts all the time...it's not so bad at home, but it is a little embarrassing at the store when this little baby is grunting all the time!! She has also started doing a way cooler trick. She is starting to try and sign the word "MILK". I have been signing the words "MILK", "MORE", "EAT", and "ALL DONE" for about 4 weeks now, but just the other day I looked and as I said and signed "MILK" she started flicking her right wrist...it was really exciting.

Well here are Mia's newest pictures from the week prior. Her she is in her bears outfit from "Uncle Burkle and Aunt Jess"~

And this is her snowsuit....she hates putting it on, but it is so warm. It is worth it!

And this is what things usually look like, Mia with something in her mouth and drool all over.
Look at that smile...isn't she precious?
And here she is 30 weeks old.

Funny story about the sweater she is wearing. So I get her dressed and get ready to take her picture when Josh says, "Don't you think that sweater is too small, her belly is hanging all out." I had to laugh and inform his that it was a shrug and suppose to short...oh, all the girl fashion trends he will have to learn!! haha!~

Friday, November 14, 2008

29 weeks old!

Well Miss Mia is 29 weeks old. I can't believe she is almost 7 months old already. I think we are still trying to cut a tooth. She has been so crabby lately, drooling a ton, chewing on everything, she had a runny nose and still there is no sign of a tooth. I really hope one comes sooner than later, because Mommy and Daddy are REALLY tired!!
Well, we have also started a mommy and me swimming class. It meets once a week for 30 minutes. The first class she HATED, I couldn't believe it because she loves bathtime and water. So after thinking about it, I assumed it had to do with all the people, the sound of the water and the massive amount of water, so to better prepare her I decided it was time for her to bathe in the big girl bathtub. She LOVED it!!! She loves to splash and play and get wet. This made swim class go so much better. So here is Mia splashing in the tub...I decided I better not post any of the ones with her little "boobies" showing!

Here she is in her bikini right before swim class
This had to be one of the funniest things...Mia grabbed the hanger and started chewing on it. Well, we were getting ready to leave so I took it away from her and she FREAKED out. I mean crying, flopping backward, I believe we saw our first temper tantrum over a "toy". So I gave it back to her and this was the result! If you look real close you can see the drool she has ALL OVER!

And here is Miss Thing at 29 weeks! Isn't it amazing how much she has grown.

And a close up of her...look at the hair that is starting to come in! YAY!!

28 weeks old!

So as you can see I'm almost 2 weeks behind. I feel like life is moving in fast forward and I'm stuck on pause. Somedays I just feel like I am moving so slow. So I vowed to update her blog tonight. Mia is sitting up by herself all the time and playing like a big girl. She still hates to be on her tummy and will only roll from back to front and then scream until you flip her over. She definately knows what she wants. She still loves her solid foods. Her favorites are applesauce and sweet potatoes. She looks like a little bird opening her mouth searching for food. She is also attempting to hold her own bottle, however, she still prefers just to lay there and be fed! We have also started to try to introduce a sippy cup and water...she is still not to sure about the whole thing!
Since we had such nice weather for it being November I decided to take her to the park to play. She loves being in the swing and being pushed...she giggles and giggles...it's too cute!
I also decided to conduct my own little photo shoot with her. So I set her in the leaves and just started snapping pictures. They are nothing fancy, but I thought it was cute to capture in with the fall leaves. She is changing as quickly as the leaves.
Look at that smile!

I love this picture of her~Check out those cheeks!
And here she is 28 weeks old!