Thursday, November 29, 2007

17 weeks...waiting to POP!

So today marks the 17 week milestone...I've made it 17 weeks! Can you believe it? This journey has brought out every emotion I ever thought I could feel. I am excited, nervous, scared, anxious and every other emotion all rolled into one. Carrying a child is like something I can't explain. When I listen to the heartbeat I can't help but thank God for the awesome creation who has orchestrated inside of me. What a blessing.

Overall I have been feeling pretty good, aside from being a little tired and having some "growing pains", I've been feeling good. As of today, I am up 3.5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy those of you who are following know that means I gained 1.5 pounds this week...I'm going to blame Thanksgiving on that!! haha!
So here are my newest pictures...I still don't think I've "Popped" yet...I think it's getting really close though. I am also waiting anxiously to feel the baby move. I think I may have felt it a couple of times, but I'm not sure if it was baby or gas...they say it can be confusing at first!! haha! So here I am with my bump: And here I am with my shirt down:
And here is how big our little baby is to date:

Monday, November 26, 2007

Preparing for Christmas!

So yesterday we put up our Christmas tree and listened to Christmas music...I LOVE Christmas!! :)
So I thought I would post a picture of me, my belly and the Christmas tree! Enjoy!! :)

Give Thanks...16 weeks!

So this post comes a little late because 16 weeks happened to fall on Thanksgiving. And what a day to give Thanks!

This year I want to take a moment to share what I'm thankful for:
I'm thankful for...
the baby that I have been blessed to carry
the struggles that taught me patience on this journey
the unconditional love of my husband
the opportunity to worship God freely
my friends who mean the world to me
my family who have always supported me
and I could go on and on...
What a time to be thankful for!

So I was 16weeks on Thursday and I am officially up 2 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight...I don't see the weight gain slowing down anytime soon either. Here are the newest pictures of the growing belly.

Here I am with a definate bump coming

Here is the belly covered

And here I am dressed and ready to go eat Thanksgiving dinner!

Friday, November 16, 2007

15 Weeks...grow, baby, grow!

So yesterday marked 15 weeks completed. That means only about 5 more weeks until hopefully we find out if this little baby is a boy or a girl...what do you think it is?

Overall, I've been feeling pretty good. I had a couple of days worth of migraines, but I'm starting to feel better. I am slowly getting some energy back...eventhough right now I could go for a nap! haha!

When I went to the Dr. Wednesday for my headache the heartrate was 142bpm. So it had slowed down...maybe it was sleeping. That what mom wanted to do!! haha!

So here are the newest pictures. I am up a total of about 1.5pounds...the Dr. was glad to see I had actually gained a pound! I wish I could be as excited!! Well here are the newest belly pictures, the bump is growing, that's for sure.
And one with my shirt down so you don't have to look at my belly.
Thanks to all those who have been praying for us and this baby! God has truly blessed us and we are so thankful.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

14 Weeks..this baby is growing!

Well, today marks 14 weeks. I love Thursdays because that is the day my weeks change over. It is getting interesting watching my body continue to change day by day. I think I am starting to show although I wonder if some is still left over bloat. Who knows. Well here are the pictures from this morning. Current weight: up 0.8 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight...which is normal because they said I will probably start gaining a pound per week. We'll see how all that unfolds.

Here I am with my covered belly, I tend to look
bigger when my clothes are covering my belly.

And here is a picture of how big our little baby is now.
The size of a's growing fast!! :)

Monday, November 05, 2007

Officially in the 2nd trimester!

So today marks the offical start date of the 2nd trimester.
I am 13weeks, 4days today, but hey who's counting. Haha!!

Just thought I would share some exciting news after our not so exciting weekend!

Preparing for Motherhood...

So I feel like Josh and I got a little taste of what being parents would be like this weekend. We took our "baby" Comiskey to the dog park on Saturday, like we always do and she was playing awesome with her friend, Izzy, the Weimareiner. All of sudden as Comiskey ran by a huge German Shepherd bit her. Comiskey came over crying and limping. We immediately rushed to the Emergency clinic. They did an exam and then came to the conclusion we would have to sedate her, to do the stitches. We put her in the little kennel and left. We were both so upset.

When we picked her up she was so disoriented. She had to have an E-Collar which made her so anxious so Comiskey and I layed in the living room together until 2:30am, then I went back to the Emergency clinic to get some pain meds. At 4am Comiskey and I went upstairs and I layed on the floor with her and rubbed her. As soon as she fell asleep I went to our bed, however, she woke up crying immediately.

So Josh and I brought her into the spare bedroom, got her up on the bed (She is not allowed on ANY furniture), layed her down and I petted her the rest of the night. We slept from about 4:30am - 7:30am and then moved to our bed when Josh left for work.

I feel like I was prepped a little for what is to come. We realized we would do anything to soothe her and make her feel comfortable and safe.

Here are some pictures from her ordeal this weekend. Here is the wound, she also had a huge scratch across her belly.

Here she is after she was shaved and got her 6 stitches.

And here is our poor baby with her ENORMOUS E-Collar on!

Bought First Piece for Nursery

So on Friday, Josh and I bought our first piece of furniture for the nursery. We decided against a traditional glider after trying some out. So we decided on a microfiber recliner from JCPenney. It is SUPER comfortable and the arms open up for cup storage, magazine holder, etc. The best part is it has a built in heater and massager!! YAY!! It will be here next Monday...I can't wait.

Here is a picture of our new recliner!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

13 Weeks...

Well, today marks 13 weeks into this pregnancy. I can barely believe it. On Monday, I will officially be entering the 2nd trimester. What an amazing feeling. I just feel so blessed to have made it this far already. It is going so fast, and yet so slow at the same time. I have been feeling better as the days go on, however, I think I am coming down with a cold. I have started the coughing, runny nose, etc. It's no fun being sick! Well, here are some new pictures from this week. I am officially back to my pre-pregnancy weight today. So we'll see where the weight continues from here.

13 weeks with my shirt on...I'm definately getting a bump.

I think it's less and less bloat and more and more belly.

We'll see...maybe that's wishful thinking.

Here is a picture of how big our baby is right now.
Our baby is about the size of a peach. It is now forming
teeth and vocal cords. Can you believe something so
small is growing and developing so fast?