Sunday, February 15, 2009


When my grandma passed away in August, it was really hard on me. My grandma was one of the most amazing, caring, sweet, loving people you would ever meet. I remember right before she passed, the night before her surgery, she wanted to feed Mia. I made sure Mia had eaten enough to satisfy her and then handed her to my grandma. Grandma weighed maybe 90 pounds. So we propped up Grandma's arm and laid Mia there. Grandma fed her a few sips and then would sit her up to burp. It was just the neatest thing watching my grandmother feed MY child. I miss her so much. I'm so sad that Mia will never have any memories of her besides the ones I tell that is how this came about. My grandpa asked me to take my grandmother's wedding ring in to get appraised so he could sell. My mom brought it over and gave it to me...I put it fit! My 90 pound Grandma's ring, fit. And it fit perfect. The minute I put it on I knew I wanted it, that I needed it. I took it and got it appraised...I then told my grandpa I would pay him what it was worth to keep it. However, I felt bad that my sister wouldn't have a piece of it. So after some discussion with my grandpa I knew EXACTLY what to do!! I took it to our jewelers, a friend of ours, and he separated the engagement and wedding band. He replated the engagement ring to match my wedding set and then he melted down the wedding band and made 3 baby rings, one for Mia and 2 for the twins.
I think this will be an amazing way to remember my grandmother...especially because those rings were a symbol of over 54 years of marriage! What a testament of love and commitment!

The engagement ring replated and one of the baby rings
Me wearing the rings

The engagement ring

And Mia's baby ring!



Wow Heather so many updates at one time! I check back every once in a while hoping to see new pics of Mia and to y surprise today I got that. HSe has grown so much!!! I can hardly believe it! She has such a beautiful smile and bright blue eyes. Soon enough we will have to get Mia and Will together to play. Looks like you guys had a good Christmas...and what a great idea with the rings, that is something special.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

What an amazing gift that you gave your grandpa. It is a beautiful story. I hope you have many other wonderful memories with that ring on your finger... perhaps one day, your granddaughter will wear the same diamond your grandmother wore.

May the rings be a blessing to every marriage they pass through... 54 years sure is a blessing!


Lisa said...

That is so beautiful and such a wonderful idea. I wear my grandmother's engagement ring and it makes me feel so close to her, although she died 30 years ago.

Jess said...

Thanks for sharing this! I love it. I regret that I never got to ask more questions to my grandma before she died. I knew her, but not well enough. Mia looks so adorable! Mark preached at a church this past weekend and shared a story about going to Gold's Gym for the first time and seeing Josh there and how huge he was :). He said lifting weights was a step for him, and here's josh toning his wrist :). Good to hear you're doing well!

Mike and Amanda said...


You don't know me but the only thing we have in common is we both know Kate Chinlund. I've been following her blog since she became pregnant with Caleb and keep checking to see if there's an update on the new baby but there hasn't been anything for months...I was wondering if you knew if she was ok, is the baby ok, is she just adjusting to life as a new mom or does she have a new blog or something I don't know about?

She was just such a faithful blogger and I thought it was odd that she stopped all of a sudden in March.

Sorry if this sounds random you were just one of the people I saw that made consistent comments on the blog.



Kimberly said...


I stumbled upon your blog when I did a search for "baby at 9 weeks" as that is where I am right now. Your blog is so great. I have been enjoying my pregnancy so far and can't wait for what's to come. You have a beautiful family! God bless!

:: Kim ::