Sunday, May 09, 2010

Full Term and Mother's Day

Well today marks 37 weeks, this means that I am full term in the eyes of the Drs. That is very exciting. Mia came at 37 weeks, 5 days so I am getting anxious to meet this little one. It really could be any day now. Today is also really special because it's Mother's Day. This day is such a special one for me because it helps me stop and realize how blessed I am to be a mom to such a beautiful, smart, loving little girl and how I will soon be mom to another baby so very soon.
Here are this weeks pictures, up another pound.


Bare belly (have I dropped at all yet?)

And one from the front (man that belly is big)

Mommy and Mia on Mother's Day

This is Mia and I last Mother's Day (2009)

My very first Mother's Day (2008). This year was special for many reasons: 1: It was my FIRST Mother's Day and 2: it was the Sunday we dedicated Mia to the Lord.
Up 1 pound

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