Friday, December 14, 2007

The long awaited...It's A....


We went to our ultrasound today at 19weeks 1day and wouldn't you know the baby was sitting on its we couldn't see anything. In all reality we couldn't even get all the measurements we needed because it was in such a ball.

Oh well, we still got to see our baby and it was amazing! We have to go back in 4 a whole month away to try and get some more measurements! So maybe we'll get to find out then who this little baby is.
Here is a profile pic, baby's head on the left, with the spine going
down and a hand in front of its face
Here is how the baby was sitting. Foot on the left, knee pointing up,
butt on the bottom.

It looks like we already have an ornery one!! :)

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Shannon Kilstrom Photography said...

Oh, Heather!! I know how excited you were about this! I am SO happy that you were able to see your little one though and that she/he looks healthy. What a blessing. Isn't it the most amazing experience to lay on that table and see your baby for the first time? I will pray that the baby is more cooperative for you next month! ;-)