Thursday, December 20, 2007

We're halfway there!!

So today marks the official halfway mark! Can you believe we are halfway there to holding our long awaited baby in our arms. I just can't help but sit here and be amazed by this journey. I have learned so much about myself, my body, my husband and my faith during this journey, and for the most part it's all been a blessing!

Here is a funny story...I teach dance classes, and I've told my 7-8 yrs olds, but not my 5-6yr olds, because I wasn't sure if they would understand. So we were stretching last night and one of my 6 yr olds looks and me, and in her cutest, but loud voice says...
"Miss Heather when you stretch like that you look pregnant!" I had to laugh. I said, well actually Miss Heather is pregnant and going to have a baby...they were all so cute about it. Just thought I would share the honesty of a child with you.

The past few days I have also started feeling the baby move. It is amazing and usually stops me in my tracks just to savor the moment. Hopefully they will steadily increase and hopefully soon Josh will be able to feel them too!!

So here are new pictures of the week, with the belly growing and growing.

I hate to post this but I am up 8 pounds! The weight is coming on fast now!!

And here is the covered belly for those of you who are tired of seeing my naked belly!!
And here is a picture of our big our bean is!
I pray that everyone has a blessed Christmas!



Wow! is that a cantelope? That just seems like such a big jump from a lemon, onion, etc. Congrats on your half way mark. and GREAT job with Creative Christmas! It was wonderful all that hard work payed off... Ill bet your glad that you have some free time now.:) Have a wonderful Christmas!

The Chinlund Family said...

You look great! I still can't believe you were leaping across the stage almost 20 weeks along... you're amazing! I know you feel big now, but seriously, just wait. A couple months from now you'll look back and laugh... thinking how small you were! I hope you have a great Christmas, just think, next Christmas you'll be helping your naughty baby unwrap presents!!! Love you babe!