Thursday, August 28, 2008

18 weeks old~

So Mia turned 4 months old on Friday. I just can't believe that our little one is getting to be not so little anymore. Here are the most recent pics.
I took Mia for her first run in the jogging stroller...let me tell you what a workout it is running while pushing a stroller and holding onto the dog, all while being very out of shape!! But we survived and she loved it.

Here is mommy and Mia after our run....she loved it "THIS" much!

Mia also had her 4 month check up! She is doing great! She is 16lbs, 4oz (95th percentile) and 24 inches tall (50th percentile). The Dr. is going to have us keep her on Nutramigen since she did NOT do well when we tried to switch her last week, but he said we could try to start some cereal.
Big smiles - 4 months old!
Chillin' on the couch after her shots
So we decided to try some cereal. We stripped her down, put on a bib, placed her in the bumbo and got out the camera!

She took her first bite and just sat there with a "What was that?" look on her face
Then she decided she did NOT like that!! we are going to wait a little longer on the cereal!!
Here she is at 18 weeks before bed
And here she is in her big girl jeans and t-shirt

And of course she has her hands in her mouth...she loves her hands!


The Chinlund Family said...

I can't stand the cuteness!!! Let's get together again soon! Do you have next Wednesday evening free?

Emily said...

She is SO precious!


how sweet in her big girl jeans and shirt! :) I love it!