Tuesday, August 19, 2008

17 weeks old!

Well Miss Mia is 17 weeks old today. Friday will mark her 4 month birthday and shots (YIKES). I am not excited about the latter. Well, we decided to be adventurous this week and try to transition her off the Nutramigen and back onto Gentlease. She did good for a couple of days and then started getting super fussy again. I am not sure if she is teething (she is drooling a ton, wants to chew on her fingers, my fingers and everything else she can get in her mouth) or if it's the formula. So just be safe, we put her back on the Nutramigen. Hopefully that will make things a little better. Other than that, things are great. She is getting so big and there are days when I start crying looking at her and how much she is changing and growing. They are tears of joy but also a little bit of sadness that my baby is growing so fast. Here are some new pictures!

Josh and I went on a much needed date night last week. My mom came and watched Mia for a couple of hours. We went to Woodfire Grill for dinner, took a walk across the skybridge, then we went and played Miniature Golf, where I beat Josh for the first time in 3 years!! YAY!! Exciting stuff! After that we took a trip to the Lagoon, where Josh proposed, and walked around. It was so beautiful out that night and it was so refreshing to just be Josh and I for a little bit. I have always said that even after kids I want my marriage to be a priority. I want Mia to grow up in a loving household where her parents are still in love and show the importance of that. We also celebrated 6 years since our first date. I just can't believe what a lucky woman I am, and how lucky Mia is to have such an amazing daddy!
Here we are leaving for date night.
This is Mia in her princess crown. We went to our friend's daughther's 3rd birthday party and the kids got crowns, so I thought Mia should wear one...she didn't even care!
These are her new jammies, they say Amelia on them. I think she was done with pictures and ready for bed.
We took a trip to the park and I thought Mia should wear her new shades and hat!! haha!! Too cute!
Mommy and Mia heading to the park.
The family at Vanderveer!
And here is the big girl at 17 weeks old, just days shy of 4 months old!

And here is her big smile that melts my heart everytime!

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