Tuesday, November 25, 2008

30 weeks old!

Well little Miss Thing continues to grow and change before our eyes. Her newest "Trick" is making this really weird grunting noise. I'm not sure where it came from but she definately grunts all the time...it's not so bad at home, but it is a little embarrassing at the store when this little baby is grunting all the time!! She has also started doing a way cooler trick. She is starting to try and sign the word "MILK". I have been signing the words "MILK", "MORE", "EAT", and "ALL DONE" for about 4 weeks now, but just the other day I looked and as I said and signed "MILK" she started flicking her right wrist...it was really exciting.

Well here are Mia's newest pictures from the week prior. Her she is in her bears outfit from "Uncle Burkle and Aunt Jess"~

And this is her snowsuit....she hates putting it on, but it is so warm. It is worth it!

And this is what things usually look like, Mia with something in her mouth and drool all over.
Look at that smile...isn't she precious?
And here she is 30 weeks old.

Funny story about the sweater she is wearing. So I get her dressed and get ready to take her picture when Josh says, "Don't you think that sweater is too small, her belly is hanging all out." I had to laugh and inform his that it was a shrug and suppose to short...oh, all the girl fashion trends he will have to learn!! haha!~

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Emily said...

Love the "shrug" story! :) Gotta love daddies!