Friday, December 19, 2008

34 weeks and more testing

Well, as we awaited the results of Mia's ultrasound and EEG, we received some grim news. The ultrasound pictures were not good enough to rule out what they were looking for. So she was scheduled for a CT scan. As I talked to the Dr. more, I realized they were checking her for cancer. I guess I had never really understood what they were looking for. She had a couple symptoms of Neuroblastoma, and because the ultrasound pictures were a little hazy, they weren't sure if it was a tumor, or just bad pictures, so they had to move forward in that direction. My heart sank and I became sick to my stomach, anticipating that my precious baby could have cancer. However, something amazing happened. I was called to prayer and felt an amazing peace in my heart. I knew God was with me, and whatever happened, whatever the outcome He would provide. So I stepped out in faith and emailed everyone I knew, some I talk to everyday, so I haven't talked to in years and asked for prayers. Something amazing happened over the next 72 hours. I was contacted by so many people letting me know they were praying for Mia and our family. People I didn't know emailed me their prayers. People laid hands on me and prayed at Creative Christmas rehearsal, and my husband and I joined in prayer every night. I have never felt a calm like I did during that time. We went to Mia's test and they gave her an IV and then sedated her, the whole time I prayed and knew that so many around us were praying as well. Here she is after she woke up from sedation. She wanted her sippy cup, even though she has NO idea how to use it.

And here is her little IV...this may have been the saddest part...

After her test the waiting began, but the prayer continued.
On Thursday morning, December 18th, I received amazing news. Mia was cancer free, there was no Neuroblastoma and she was clear. I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and I knew God had heard our cries. Now we just had to wait and hear about her EEG results. I prepared myself for seizures and how we would deal with those. However, at 5:30pm on Thursday evening, the phone rang. It was Dr. Anderson, Mia's pediatrician. My heart sank. No news is ever good when the Dr. calls. However, once again God was ever faithful. He was calling to tell me that ALL of Mia's test were normal...ALL OF THEM!! No seizures, no cancer. He said she is healthy. They are treating her with Prevacid for acid reflux and think that may be causing the symptoms. She has been on the Prevacid for about 4 days and we are already starting to see the symptoms lessen. She also slept through the night from 8:00pm to 7:45am. That has NEVER happened. I am just so blessed to have a GOD that is the ultimate healer, who hears the cries of his people. I will give all the glory to GOD, knowing that by Him and the prayers of so many, my daughter is healthy. What an amazing Christmas Gift.
So after all is Mia at 34 weeks! She will be 8 months old on Monday!
Of course trying to eat her bear!
What's that face?
So big!! She loves to stand up now!!
Thank you again for all those who prayed for are amazing people of faith and I know the outcome would not have been the same without the intercession of so many. I wish I could put into words the thanks I feel towards all of you, and the God that answers prayers!


Alisha said...

Oh my gosh. I am so sorry you had to go through all that. I'm not sure I could've been so calm and faithful. And poor baby--that pic of the iv makes me want to cry! Thank God it's only acid-reflux related. My son is on prevacid as well--no biggie--and it works wonders for reflux.


Heather, I am so glad to hear everything turned out ok. God is Good! I was thinking about you guys a lot over Christmas. Happy New year!