Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's been awhile...a lot has been going on!

So there has been so much going on in the Stocking resident, that I am VERY behind in blogging about my precious baby girl. So I will update with every week now!! So here are the pictures from 32 weeks!!! This first picture is from Thanksgiving at my mom's house (I told you I was behind)!!! We had a great time and we had so much to be thankful for!! I am so thankful for the wonderful family I have, the amazing husband I've been blessed with, the beautiful baby girl that melts my heart and the most amazing friends.
Mia got to try some mashed potatoes, but wasn't quite sure about it!!

Here is me, Mia and Aunt Lindsey (one of Mia's FAVORITE people)
And here is Grandma, Lindsey (and the twins), me and Mia
Here she is...32 weeks old!

Here we are before going to my Christmas party...she loves to grab faces now!

Look how adorable my little girl is!!

Okay, now for a funny story....I had just been talking to Josh and told him how thankful I was that Mia has never pooped in the tub. Well of course, I jinxed myself. So that night, she pooped in the tub. So when I lifted her out, I realized that she was getting ready to go again. I didn't know what to, I put her on the toilet and she finished pooping. Josh came up the stairs, and upon seeing her on the toilet, bust into laughter. And this happened 4, yes 4 nights in a row!!! So my little 7 month old baby has pooped on the's that for advanced!! haha!!

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Alisha said...

That is hilarious! So cute!