Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Fun...or something like that!

So this year, I was especially excited for Thanksgiving. I was excited because Mia would be old enough to enjoy some of the festivities and we had great meals planned...except the day, or should I say weekend, turned out slightly different than planned.

Thanksgiving morning Josh worked the Turkey Trot and so he got up 9am, Mia was still sleeping. Now while this seems great, this is TOTALLY unlike her! She is an early riser ALL THE TIME! So I decided I better wake her so we can start getting ready for the day. I walk into her room to find a horrific smell. I walk over to her and she is passed out, that is when I notice chunks of hot dog...yes, she had puked all over her self, her crib, her stinks, her blanket, everything! So I get her up, wash all her stuff, give her a bath and we head downstairs...she seems to be feeling fine, so I assume the puking was due to the coughing fit she had about 6am.

In the meantime, I prep my turkey, which I am making for dinner. We are hosting and I am very excited.

So Josh gets home, we get loaded up and head to the Cracker Barrel to meet up with Josh's grandparents for Thanksgiving lunch. Josh drops Mia and I off at the door, we go inside, get to the hostess stand, say hi to his grandpa and it happens...she vomits everywhere. I don't mean a little, I mean all over the floor, herself, a towel, or clean stink, and it just keeps coming. She was crying, I was mortified and the manager was beyond angry, "sorry sir, like I meant to have my 19 month old daughter vomit all over your restaurant." So we clean her up as much as possible and head home. We get her home, clean her up, get on fresh jammies and it happens again...all over the floor. UGH!! The joys of parenthood. So she ran around in a diaper for awhile and luckily that was the end of the puking.

So, since she was sick, we knew we couldn't have family over at our house, so my mom picked up the turkey and dropped off some leftovers and Josh and I enjoyed Thanksgiving all by ourselves with a sick little girl at our side. Oh well!

Friday, I woke up praying for a better day. Well, it didn't quite happen. For the past couple of days I have been cramping really bad. I've also been having to go to the bathroom a ton. I called my midwife, but the office was closed, the nurse said she thought I had the start of a bladder infection. Well, as the night went on, the pain got worse. I decided I should go to the ER and get it taken care of, since I was hospitalized with Mia for a kidney infection. I get there, see the Dr. and she is pretty sure it's a bladder infection, we just had to wait for my urine sample to go through the lab. The nurse comes back in (who was my neighbor, by the way) and it is clean, they do a blood draw, all is good, even my white blood cell count. Then I get to have an ultrasound. I am still amazed everytime I see our is such a miracle. It has long legs and is measuring a tad ahead of schedule, but alas, everything was normal. SO the diagnosis...severe round ligament pain.

Now I had RLP with Mia, but it was NOTHING compared to this. So I will follow up with my midwife on Monday, and for right now, take some tylenol and rest.
As if the weekend wasn't eventful enough, woke up at 9am on Saturday to again find Mia still sleeping. Go in her room, afraid she has thrown up again. She wakes up and I bring her downstairs, she almost falls asleep in her highchair and then only wants to cuddle with me. I put her back down and she sleeps from 9:30 to 11:30...gets up, but will only sit with me on the couch. She goes back down for a nap from 1:30 to 4:00 and finally seemed to be feeling better when she got up. The doctor said he thinks she had a stomach virus...seriously can my house feel better soon or what!!!

So that was my amazing Thanksgiving weekend...however, eventhough it went entirely NOT as planned, I have so much to be thankful for:

* Even when my baby is sick, I am thankful I have the opportunity to be a mom and continue to pray for those who are struggling with infertility and yearning for their own baby to care for
* I am thankful that we can afford medical attention when necessary
* I am thankful I have an amazing husband that loves me so much and tries to help more than the average dad
* I am thankful for my family, even though we didn't get to spend the holiday together, I know how much they love us, and pray they know how much they mean to us as well
* I am thankful to be blessed enough to carry another child. The shear joy of seeing a baby, created in love, on an ultrasound, reminds me of God's amazing works
* I am thankful for so much! I feel I have been blessed abundantly in life

On a more exciting note...I got my ring back from the jewelers this weekend. We took the center stone from my grandmother's ring and put it in the center of my ring and then I got my 5 year anniversary band!! YAY!! So the top band you see is the brand new anniversary band (it is not soldered yet), the middle is my engagement ring with my grandmother's stone in the middle now, and the bottom is my wedding band! I LOVE IT!!!

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lhyle01 said...

I can only hope your Sunday is really the beginning of your week like it should be. Last week was a testing week and you passed. God is preparing your strength for times ahead. Let the new week begin, always remember you have us as well to help you get through the tough times!! We love and care for you as we do Josh and would do anything to help any trying situation we can.
Love Nana