Thursday, May 16, 2013

To my son on your 3rd birthday!

Roman (Bubs, Bubbies),
Happy Birthday, sweet boy.  3 years ago you blessed us with a whirlwind delivering that left me exhausted and overwhelmed with joy.  You were our 2nd miracle baby.  We prayed for a sibling for Mia and you joined us quickly after that prayer.

You are my baby boy.  You melt my heart like nothing else.  I adore you and I adore your 'nuggles.
You are kind, sweet, energetic, athletic, funny and want to do everything your sister does.
You love bikes, and dinosaurs and trucks and dirt
You love school
You love your friends
You adore your family
You watch out for Comiskey and remind us that "she's our new pet" (eventhough she's 7)
You love the recliner and think it's your spot
You love God and church and the Bible
You still love me to sing Stronger and ABC's every night before bed
You will only go to sleep if the blanket is covering your head
You are amazing

Before you were born, I spent many nights wondering how I would love another baby after Mia was born.  My heart seemed full and then you were born.  My heart exploded, growing exponentially with love for both of you.
You have completed our family and made me so thankful that I have my sweet, Mama's Boy!
I love you to the moon and back, Bubs!


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Anamika Sureka said...

I have same the concern..I don't think i will be able to love anyone more than my girl ..but you poem is inspiring indeed :)

Stay blesses and happy :)