Friday, May 17, 2013

Mom, you have a question?

I keep forgetting to write about this and before I do, I need to share.

A couple of weeks ago while at church Mia got a bloody nose and was brought upstairs to sit with us. She sat through the end of service and  then the worship music began to end the service. We attend a contemporary church where people sometimes raise their hands while singing.  Well, we were all standing, Mia standing on the chair next to me and while we were singing I was moved to raise my hand during one of the songs.  Mia quietly tapped me on the shoulder and whispered ever so sweetly, "mom, do you have a question?" Slightly confused, I said, "no, why?"  Her response in the softest voice with a look of complexity on her face, "oh, well you had your hand up to ask a question."

Oh sweetness.
The sweet, unknowing question of a 5 year old little girl.
The wonder of the world around her and trying to figure out how actions in different setting create different meanings.

It was a great opportunity to briefly talk about how raising hands can be seen as a sign of praise to God.  She smiled, accepting that answer and as the next song began, she lifted her hands to the sky with a beaming grin on her face.

Not sure she really understood what she was doing, but I guarantee God smiled and so did I!

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