Thursday, April 17, 2008

37 weeks...we're almost there!

So here we are, only 21 days to go until baby Amelia's due date!! I am starting to get more excited and yet more anxious every day! However, Josh and I are as ready as we can be for this little girl's arrival. My bags are packed, our birthing class is completed, the swing is assembled and in the living room, the car seat is installed, so now all we need is our sweet baby to arrive.
I went to see my midwife yesterday because I started having Braxton Hicks pretty regularly. While this is normal, especially this late in pregnancy, they were coming about every 5 minutes the other night and lasting almost a minute. So yesterday I went and had my group B strep test done and then she decided to do a "gentle exam". Well, she said the baby is at +1 station. At -3 they are still floating around, 0 is engaged in the pelvis and +3 is she is VERY low...this would explain all the pressure I have been having lately (the feeling that she is going to fall out) haha! I am also dialated to 2 cm on the outside and then funneling closed on the inside. She thinks this could be do to my previous cervical surgeries. They are not too worried, but think they may have to "snap" the inside to open. My cervix is soft and she doesn't think it will be TOO long before Mia arrives. However, it could be 2 weeks or we will wait and see. I have another appointment next Thursday.

I have been retaining water, my feet have been swelling and it is evident by the 4lb. weight gain this week! Oh well...the end is near...that's all that matters.

Here is the belly this week.
From the side.
From the side, covered.
And here I am before work!



HOly Cow! Your dialated!....I will be waiting anxiously :)

Cort said...

You're so cute I can't stand it! I'm sorry you're retaining water, though. I can't wait to meet Mia!

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