Thursday, April 10, 2008

Less than 1 month to go!

I can't believe that as I sit here typing this I only have 28 days to go until Amelia's due date...hopefully she will arrive a little early, but either way I have under a month to go. It is amazing how fast this journey has gone, and how soon I will be holding our daughter in my arms. What a feeling.
Well, I have been sick for about a week now, with a stupid viral infection. Runny nose, coughing, backache, the whole's a good time...let me tell you. I am finally starting to feel a little better...slow but sure.
People have started making comments about how I've dropped...and after I looked at pictures I realized I really have dropped. I don't know if that really means anything, but hey, it's got to me that I am getting closer and closer, right?!?!?!
Well, here are the pictures from this week.
I actually lost a pound this that was exciting!

Here I am from the side at 35 weeks for reference to see what you think!
And now you can compare it to this weeks picture at 36 weeks to see how if you think I've dropped. What do you think, does it look like I've dropped? Covered belly
Ane me, headed to work


Kerri said...

It does look like you've dropped! Can't believe you're in the home stretch....and feel better soon!

Emily said...

Amelia's on her way! :) You are SUCH a cute pregnant lady, Heather...can't wait to see you holding your baby girl VERY SOON!


oh wow, it does kinda look like you have! so exciting! It seems like it has gone by so fast!!! See you tomorrow. :)