Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One week old!

Well yesterday Amelia was 1 week really does fly. She is such an amazing baby and has been such a blessing on our lives already. I just can't believe how much you can love someone. We are doing well as a family...she is eating well, and sleeping pretty decent for the most part, about 2-3 hours although last night she slept almost 5 (which is not good for a breastfeeding mom, talk about some pain!!)I wanted to update with some new picturesI took of her yesterday...her 1 week pictures! My good friend, Shannon is coming to take her pictures tomorrow...I can't wait! Shannon does such amazing work and I can't wait to have some great pictures of our little Mia!
This is Amelia in the chair in her room with the bear my mom got her...
And a closeup...1 week old!



wow! She is such a little thing!!! :) It was such a pleasure to meet her and hold her yesterday. She just looks soo little in that chair! Smaller than her bear. :) Cutie.

Mel ~ Psyched for Baby said...

Wow! I didn't realize you had had your baby already.

Congratulations on a healthy little girl.