Tuesday, May 13, 2008

3 weeks old today!

Wow, how time flies! I can't believe our little girl is 3 weeks old already. I can tell you this: being a parent is an amazing, yet overwhelming endeavor. I wish I could put into words how much I love this little girl, but I can't...it wouldn't even come close to the emotions I feel.

She is such an amazing baby and (knock on wood) has been sleeping really well. She has been sleeping in her crib for about a week now! YAY!! That's exciting and I have finally made it back to sleeping in bed with my husband! What a relief! :)

We are just so blessed to have her here!! :)
Here she is at 3 weeks! She is growing and changing everyday!
And here she is about to tip over! oops!
And a close up of Mia at 3 weeks old!
On Mother's Day, it was a bittersweet day for me. It was an amazing day because I was
finally blessed to be a mom on mother's day...something I had dreamed of for far to long. However, it reminded me of all those who are still struggling to become mothers. Infertility doesn't stop on certain days of the year, and for me, Mother's Day was always one of the hardest holidays to deal with.
This Mother's Day was also extra special because we had Mia dedicated at church. Infant dedication basically states in front of the church that we plan to raise her in a Christian household, loving and knowing the God that created her. It was a very special and very emotional time for Josh and I...once again realizing the creation we have been blessed to call our daughter.
Here she is in her dedication dress.

And here is Pastor Rich dedicating our little girl!

And here we are as a family on Mother's Day

Well, lastly on May 8th (Mia's due date) she had her first doctor's appointment...the 2 week check-up. She passed everything with flying colors, including her weight. She is 8lbs, 12oz and 21 inches long...that means that she has gained almost a pound since her birth weight! YAY!! She is obviously eating well.
Here she is at her first Dr. Appointment


Shannon Kilstrom Photography said...

She looks so much bigger already! It truly is amazing how quickly they grow. She is absolutely beautiful! ;-)


yay! Mothers day, what a special day...and a beautiful dedication dress! Sounds like everything is going great with her health and sleeping in her own crib already..wow! That must be super nice!...so excited for you guys.

Emily said...

Looking good! :) Isn't it amazing how they grow?! Love the pictures, Heather!

The Chinlund Family said...

She is getting so big! i love the picture of her next to her bear where she's staring at the camera, SO alert! I'll call you soon so we can plan a time to get together next week! Love you babe!