Friday, May 16, 2008

Official America's Worst Mom!

So tonight I am sure I won America's Worst Mom!! Here is why:
Mia had a really bad belly ache last night and therefore did not sleep at all...neither did mommy or daddy...then today she didn't really sleep either, I think she was overtired. So I took her to the mall, because she always falls asleep in the car and figured then she would take a "nap". Got to the mall...she was still I walked around the mall and after about 30 minutes she finally fell asleep. So I finished walking the mall and since she was still sleeping I decided to go to Borders to get a book. So I drive to Borders, open the passenger front door, where the diaper bag is, and the passenger back door where Mia is and get ready to put her in her new sling. I lock the doors and throw the keys in the diaper bag. Well, right as I go to get her out of the car seat a car wants to pull into the spot next to me. So being considerate I shut both doors and wait for them to pull in. After they pulled in, I reach for the door handle and to my is locked...I HAD LOCKED THE DOORS. I start to panic. The old couple gets out of the car and I say "I just locked my keys and my newborn baby in the car". The woman rushes over and hands me her cell phone, all the while they are apologizing profusely. I call Josh...of course tonight he is working off duty, and he doesn't answer his cell. So I call my mom and tell her she needs to go to my house and get the extra key. She tells me to call 911. I didn't realize I could call them, since they normally don't unlock doors, but it is different when there is a CHILD in the car. So I call 911 and tell the dispatcher...who knows me...that I have locked my baby in the car. She tells me they will send the fire department. So about 3 minutes later, lights and sirens, the fire truck shows up. They unlock my door very quickly, all the while I have drawn a large crowd at Borders. Once they opened the door, the came over to see Mia who was still sleeping soundly.
So therefore, I do believe I have officially won America's Worst Mom and my baby girl is only 3 weeks old. Oh my....I have a long road ahead of me!


Mandy said...

Don't even worry about it Heather. I locked Sullivan in the car with it running in our driveway and Kris had the extra set with him on the other side of town, thank goodness I didn't have to call work for that one!! You would be surprised how many new parents do it! Don't give it a second happens at a minimum once a week!

Shannon Kilstrom Photography said...

Oh sweetie....I could tell you so many stories about silly things I've done over the past 5 years. You are a WONDERFUL mom and this is a story that you will never forget and will look back and laugh at someday. ;-)

Give her a hug and kiss from me!

The Chinlund Family said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry that happened to you! You must've been so scared. I hate to break it to you, but you'll probably do a lot worse things over the course of momhood, so don't stress over this one :)


I think it is the week to lock babies in the car.As scary as that sounds... My friend has a 4 month old and locked her in the car this week happens. :)