Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mia is 2 weeks old!

So our baby girl is 2 weeks old today...I can't belive how fast the time goes...So I will probably if I can keep up try to update on Tuesdays now. It has been super busy having her here, but so rewarding at the same time...It's just so amazing how much a tiny little baby can change your life. She has her first Dr. appt on Thursday, which would have been her due date...so hopefully I will update after that with how big she is and all that good stuff!
So here are the newest pictures...I'm sure you enjoy these way more than my enormous belly anyways!!haha! Enjoy!
This is Mia yesterday before her photo shoot with Shannon.

The Stocking Family!

Mia 2 weeks old! You can tell she is growing already
Mia and her bear from grandma
Baby girl is so tired!! (Shannon I caught a picture of the yawn just for you!!)


Nikki and Paul said...

She is so beautiful Heather!

Shannon Kilstrom Photography said...

HAHA....the elusive yawn. That little stinker! :-) At least one of us was able to catch it! She is absolutely beautiful, Heather!!