Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What an amazing week!

Well, Mia celebrated her first 4th of July this year...and while she was still in bed by 7:45, because that is when bedtime is, she still got dressed up in her Daddy's Little Sparkler outfit...she was too cute. She also had her 2 month well check. So we went to the Dr. and she is 22.5 inches long, which is in the 50th percentile for height and she is 13lbs, 2oz which is in the 95th percentile for weight...so Mia is a little chunky. Oh well, we love her that way! She is doing so much better on her new formula, she is actually a "happy" baby now. She is cooing and smiling and is just growing and changing everyday. Some days I just sit and watch her, thinking about blessed I am to have her in my life. I have updated with LOTS of new pictures for everyone to check out.

Here is Mia's 4th of July outfit

Look at those baby blue eyes...and her spit bubbles

Mommy and Mia on the 4th

Family picture on the 4th
Mia in her new swimsuit and shades
Big smiles...
Mia with the flowers Daddy got me "just because"! He is TOO good to me!This is what we call Mia's "Old Lady Face"
11 weeks old! She is SO bigAll by herself!

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Kerri said...

I can't believe how big she's getting!! She's growing up too fast!