Tuesday, July 01, 2008

She's Getting Big!

Well our little girl is officially 10 weeks old today. Seriously, where has the time gone. In less then 2 weeks I will be headed back to work for 4 hours a day, I can't believe how fast being off work has gone. Mia is growing each day and doing new things every time we look at her...she is such an amazing baby. Last night she slept from 8pm to 5am...what a blessing...then went back to bed until 8...she is becoming a pretty good sleeper. YAY!

Here are some new pictures.

This is part of our bedtime routine...
Then we read some stories. She loves it! Here she is just chillin' with her burp cloth...she loves that thing!
10 weeks old...look how big she is.
This is her with the blanket my Aunt made her...all my cousins and I have one with our name on it and now Amelia has hers! YAY!!!
She seems to love it...look at that smile!

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It was so good to run into you guys at Jimmy Johns. Wow, she is growing growing growing. I love looking at these pictures and seeing such proud parents as well. It makes me look more and more forward to seeing our little one. I am glad things have been getting better, and she has been sleeping better...by the way...I was in a hurry when I saw you guys, but Heather you looked really good! I couldnt even tell you had a baby a few months ago! :)