Sunday, January 10, 2010

20 weeks and the weight gain begins!

So I knew it was inevitable that at some point the weight gain would start, I was just hoping it wasn't this fast. This week I gained 3 pounds...YIKES...that is NOT good! Oh well...that only puts me up 4 pounds at 20 weeks, so I guess I will be happy with that. This week was a great one with our big ultrasound and a friends wedding. Whenever I attend weddings, I always remeber how lucky I am that I was able to marry my best friend and begin a family with him. Here is a picture of our family at the wedding.

And here is my belly today at 20 weeks....halfway there

And for fun here are some comparison pictures.

And the famous bare belly shot.
20 weeks pregnant with #2

20 weeks pregnant with Mia


Emmyann said...

Your two pictures look almost the SAME! Wow! I can't believe how fast this time is flying by! I'm still a little mad you didn't find out (just kidding)!

STEPHANIE. said...

love Mia's dress! :) Husband Coached Childbirth is Great! We went through that with our birthing class.