Sunday, January 31, 2010

23 weeks and a moving baby!

Another week complete, and needless to say it was a crazy one. I left Monday night for a conference in Wisconsin. For about 40 miles it was near whiteout was probably the scariest thing I've ever had to do. There were times I wanted to pull over, but the roads were so bad, I really had no idea where I was, or if I pulled off the road if someone would be able to see me. I was terrified. There were a few things that got me through the drive. 1, was the fact that having a family is something that always pushes me to be a little safer, and stay a little calmer. 2, I was listening to the Max Lucado book 3:16 on CD and was constantly reminded of how amazing God is, and knew that He would protect me. The 3rd thing that got me through the drive was I really started feeling this baby kick. It was amazing and all of a sudden that motherly instinct kicked in, and I really went into protective mode. Once I made it to Madison, I was exhausted, but much calmer. It was a great conference and I had some great alone time, eating dinner alone at a restaurant, reading a book, was a much needed rest time.

The baby has started moving more and more! When I got home, Josh was able to feel the baby move for the first time. It was great. There is nothing more amazing to me than feeling a baby move. Everytime I feel the baby, I feel blessed and amazed at the miracle of life.

Here are the pictures of the week. I am up another .5 pound from last week, so I know the weight is coming. I am just hoping that it doesn't creep up to fast and too much.
And the bare's getting bigger and strangers are really starting to notice and question, so now I am pretty sure that I look pregnant and not just fat! :)

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STEPHANIE. said...

wow, sound slike a scary trip...but your lookin pretty cute mama! I can't believe you gain weight so slow! I think at 23 weeks I was already up like 30 lbs. or something like that. :)