Friday, March 18, 2011

Funny Stories

I have come to realize that no one reads this (or maybe that's my excuse since I haven't updated in forever). However, I had to post these 2 stories for my own memory.
Mia is hilarous right now. She is full of language, stories, jokes and attitude!!

Story 1: happened a few days ago. Here is the back story...Mia loves jumping on Josh back and wrestling him. This is usually a nightly escapade that takes place many times, however, the other day Josh hurt his back. Not just a little, like 2 bulging disc hurt, so there has been no jumping allowed since then.
Well every night Josh tucks her into bed, rubs her back and her belly and sings her songs.
Fast forward to the other night. He went to rub her back and
Mia: "Oh daddy, your back hurt I rub it tonight". She then rubbed his back.
"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
Daddy: "Oh thanks Mia, it feels so much better now"
Mia: "Oh good Daddy, I jump on it tomorrow!"
I love the mind of an almost 3 year old.

Story 2: This took place in the bathtub. Mia is on her knees, squeezing her nipple between her fingers.
Mia: "Mommy, what's wrong with my boobies"
Mommy: "Nothing's wrong honey"
Mia: "No milk is coming out"
Mommy: "Milk only comes out of mommy's boobies"
Mia: "Oh, when I get bigger my milk can come out"
Mommy: "Yes, when you get bigger"
I couldn't help but giggle, her little mind is so funny how it works.


emily @morefromthemoorefamily said...

I TOTALLY read all your updates. :) Jackson likes to "pump" his boobies. :)

Monica said...

I read your blog:)
I also blog about Bella but it is mostly for myself - at the end of every year I can just go to Blog2Print and make a hardcover printed book in like 2 minutes. It's a journal of her life - and something for us both to have forever.

Kristi said...

Keep up the posts! I love reading them.