Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things they say...

Roman has started saying "dada". Not consistently, but he is definitely making the noises. I was really hoping "mama" would be first this time, but no such luck.

Things Mia says,
*"I love you mama"
*"Ooooh, that's my favorite" (referring to whatever it is she sees at the moment, today was socks)
*Today I told Mia we were going to see Nana and she said "Aw, Nana my best friend" Followed by her running over and giving me a kiss on the head and a pat on the back
*On the way to the store, she looked over at Roman and said "Mama, I just love my bubbies. He's so cute"
*After she didn't get a sticker for listening at naptime she said "I make you happy? I try again next time."

Sometimes she seriously cracks me up. She is so sweet sometimes and lately has really wanted to please us. Her feelings are very hurt if we tell her that we are said because of XYZ. She will almost always respond now with a pouty lips, some tips and an I'm sorry, I make you happy.

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