Sunday, September 30, 2012


Today marked another year in our tradition of visiting the Pride of the Wapsi pumpkin farm. We started doing this when Mia was a baby and have continued since. It is always fun to watch the kids ride the ponies and sit in the barrel train and pick pumpkins.
But this year was different...
It was fun and exciting, yet different.
This year there were no strollers or baby carriers.
This year mommy and daddy didn't ride in the barrel train with the kids.  Instead we stood by the gate taking pictures and waving from afar.
This year, Mia rode the pony by herself and I only walked with Bubs.
This year, on the hayrack ride out to get pumpkins Mia sat by herself, holding on the rail, because "she was big now".
This year they did every activity with excessive laughter and joy, including all the tunnels and blow up mazes by themselves (except for the one blowup maze I had to go in after them, after they couldn't figure their way out.
This year was different.

As I stood on the side I was filled with a sense of pride and saddness at the same time. It was awesome to watch our kids play so joyfully and so independently.  Yet it saddened me to think that their would be no more strollers or baby carriers with these 2 at these events. They are getting bigger, they are growing up.  They are becoming even more independent and it's happening all before our eyes.

Today was a reminder of how much fun we are having as a family, and it was also a reminder that I need to cherish these moments, because they are growing up way to quickly!

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