Saturday, September 29, 2012

Let's try this again

So it seems every now and then I am reminded at how much I love reading and writing blogs.  I have missed going back and reading what we have been up to as a family.  So I am attempting to start again. Let 's see how long I can keep it up this time :)

Here is a rundown of what everyone is doing:
Mia -

  • Almost 4.5
  • Going to preschool everyday and LOVING every minute of it, her favorite part of school is Crafts. She often tells us she plays by herself because was busy doing crafts.
  • Loves performing - singing, dancing, making up stories, acting
  • She loves riding her bike (with training wheels)
  • Learned how to swing all by herself this summer, including getting herself started and pumping her legs
  • Took swimming class and did amazing. She was able to front float, back float and bob all by herself
  • She is kind and loving and polite
Roman -

  • Turned 2 in May
  • Is going to PDO 2 days a week and LOVES it. (Seriously, my kids LOVE school, I hope they never lose that love)
  • Learned to ride his Balance Trike and can last for over 2 mile bike rides on his own
  • Loves his big sister
  • Loves to sing, dance, make people laugh
  • Playing trucks, dinosaurs, or wrestling is his favorite past time
  • He can crush a baseball off a tee
  • He has NO fear of water and loves to swim

Josh -

  • Still working in the Detective Bureau and enjoying his role
  • Played 2 seasons of softball (summer and fall)
  • Loves wrestling with the kids, or anything physical
  • He is still responsible for Mia's bedtime and they make up stories every night to tell

Heather -

  • Still working part time as a Career Counselor
  • I have started exploring Master's Degree Programs
  • Roman and I have an awesome bedtime routine I love
  • I have picked up running and am hoping to complete my 1st Half Marathon in May
  • I started blogging for the Mom's Blog and am loving being able to have that outlet
  • Looking into learning how to crochet in my near future

Family -

  • We bought a new house, and it is amazing
  • We had an awesome summer, spent with lots of swimming, bike riding, hiking, etc
  • We do prayers with every meal and the kids remind us if we forget
  • We started doing hi/low at meal times (more on that later) and it has been a great way to communicate with the kids
  • Life is good! :) 

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