Monday, April 22, 2013

A letter to my daughter

5 years ago today, at almost this exact moment, I was being wheeled into the operating room.  I was scared, nervous, excited and overwhelmed.  The baby that we had spent the last 3 years praying for was about to join us.  I remember laying there, praying for you, for us.  I can still remember being in that room, holding your daddy's hand and then hearing a sound I won't ever forget.  I heard your cry.  My heart exploded, the tears rolled down my cheeks and down your daddy's too.  You were beautiful and healthy and you created a love within me I never knew I could have.

5 years...
How does the time go so fast?
How is it that you are getting ready to start kindergarten?
You are kind, you love helping others and making them feel welcomed
You are smart, you love school,  reading, writing and learning
You are stubborn and independent, you love doing things on your own
You are emotional like your mommy, you cry at movies, or when others are hurt, your heart is HUGE
You are creative, you could dance, sing, write, draw all day and night long
You love mail, you love sending and receiving mail
You are a daddy's girl, you love me, but you have a bond with your daddy that only you 2 understand
You love God, and church and the Bible (I pray you never lose that love for your faith)
You are beautiful, just the way you are, the way God created you.
You are you!
And you are loved!

Your daddy and I often sit and think back to that day 5 years ago. Holding you for the first time, staring at you and beginning in that moment to dream for you.  Today we continue to dream for you and now we are dreaming with you as well.  We pray for you, for your future and where God will take you.  We thank God often for blessing us with you.  You have taught us so much in these past 5 years and I can't wait to see what the future holds as you begin to take on the world.

Our prayer for you is that you will always love God.  We pray the relationship you and Bubs have is one you will always cherish.  He was chosen to be your brother and we pray that you grow up valuing each other, looking out for one another and be each other's biggest cheerleader.  I pray for your future spouse, that he would honor you and adore you just like your daddy adores you.  We pray that you follow your dreams and your heart and always remember who you are and how wonderfully perfect you have been made.

We love you baby girl,
Love mommy

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