Thursday, September 13, 2007

Some Bloated Belly Pics

The day I found out I was pregnant. 3 wks 3 days pregnant. 8-26-07

So I thought I would share, although embarrassing, some pictures of how bloated I am.
Here I am at 4 weeks, a couple of days after we found out. I'm actually down almost 2 pounds, but I'm so bloated you would never know. Taken in the morning on 8-30-07.

Here I am at 5 weeks, still bloated, up a pound but still under starting weight. Where did my waist go already. Taken in the morning on 9-6-07.

Today I am 6 weeks pregnant, back down to 2 pounds under starting weight and still bloated...this is getting scary. I think I am just getting prepared not to see my waist for awhile. Taken the morning of 9-13-07.

Our first appointment is Monday, the 17th in Iowa City and I can't wait to see our little "Bean" growing.

Thank you, God, for blessing me with the miracle of life. Thank you for creating in me a child that only you have the power to do. You are an amazing God, and I pray that you continue to bless this child and bless my body in order to provide a safe place for this baby to continue to grow.


Jessica said...

Hi! Nice to know we are sisters in Christ. I found your site from searching "bloated". My due date is June 24, 2008. I'm 10 weeks pregnant and have been bloated for all of them! Guess we'll have to go with it :) I wish you the best.

Jessica (New Brunswick, Canada)

Ashtonsmommy said...

Hi! I also found your profile looking up "bloated". I am 4 weeks pregnant with my second child and just can't get over how much my body has changed in a week. None of my pants fit and I feel like I look 3 months pregnant already! Time to dig out all the maternity look wonderful and I wish you the best of luck.
P.S. We have the same wedding date (10/16/04) CONGRATS :)

Christina said...

Hi! I also found your profile looking up "bloated". I am concerned that I might be pregnant, but only because I've been so bloated that I look pregnant for over a week. My husband and I don't have any children, so I'm not sure what to expect. If my period comes on time, it will be tomorrow, but its come a few days late since I got off the pill about 6 months ago. I guess I'll just wait and see. I figure its either I'm pregnant or its just unusual (for me) PMS. My husband is worried that I might have something wrong with my stomach or digestive system, but that all seems to be working fine. I gasped and almost started crying when I saw that your wedding date (and ashtonsmommy's) is the same as mine! I kinda feel like that's a sign. I'm just so anxious for the next few days to unfold so I can figure this out. Congratulations!

Wedding Glitters said...

Hi, i was brought to your site while searching for any write-ups about bloated.
congrats for a healthy baby!

Barbie Chiu said...

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