Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Whoever said "Morning Sickness" was WRONG!

So to me, morning sickness means you wake up, feel sick, get ready, feel better and move on with your day until it starts all over the next day!

Well, someone lied to me because I wake up...I feel nauseous; I shower...I dry heave; I get ready...more dry heaves; I go to work, leave my meetings to yes...dry heave; try to eat only to...dry heave some more; and this continues until I go to bed and begins again the very next morning. So whoever said it was "morning sickness" lied to me because I am certainly experiencing "all day, all night sickness".

The only thing that gets me through is remembering the reason behind it, the reasoning of holding my baby come May and experiencing a love I've never felt before.

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Emily said...

If it makes you feel better I wake up nervuos everyday that I could go home at the end of it being an instant mommy! EEK!

Sorry you feel so icky..but you're right, it WILL be so worth it!