Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6 weeks

Sorry I've kind of been slacking. Mia is a tad bit colicky so it is hard to find time to update with a crying baby...but all is well. She is such an amazing baby! She has started making some cooing noises and has started to smile!
Mia 6 weeks old
She was not too happy getting her picture taken.
When all else fails, put the crabby baby on the dryer...she was out in 5 seconds
Comiskey loves her "baby sister"
Her she is smiling at her daddy! Too precious!


Nikki and Paul said...

Heather have you tried bouncing her on an exercise ball? Halle was colicky and I swear she would settle down everytime we would cradle her and bounce on that ball. My legs got a great workout as well! I know everyone probably tells you "the answer" but the ball was crucial for our sanity! If we went anywhere we took it with us!

The Chinlund Family said...

I love the smiles and that picture of her and Comiskey is precious! If you need a break, gimme a call, i'm just across the river :) love you babe!