Wednesday, June 25, 2008

9 weeks old!

Well, my little girl is 9 weeks old. She is getting so big. It is amazing to watch her grow. She truly changes everyday.
Here are her newest pictures.
9 weeks with her bear
A closeup of her little chunky self
This is the new bed, it's called the Amby Bed. We bought this since she refuses to sleep in her crib. It is also good for reflux and colic babies. She has only been using it 2 nights but seems to like it. This is her napping today!
And here she is napping with her burp cloth. She LOVES that thing!


Nikki and Paul said...

The Amby Bed looks amazing! I wish I had one with Halle! Where did you find that?

Heather said...

Online...a friend of ours used it with both her kids. I'm not sure if Mia likes it yet her not...she still prefers her swing! haha!

Nikki and Paul said...

Both of my kids love to swing! If I can't get Bryn to go to sleep I know I can always use the swing as backup!!