Tuesday, December 29, 2009

18 weeks down

So Sunday marked another week down. I'm a little late updating this week, but life has been BUSY! :) Sometimes I wonder why I update this, if anyone even reads it, then I remember how special it will be one day for my children to read how important they are to me, and these pregnancies have gone. Because like everything, I know that if I don't document things, memories will go and will someday be forgotten. I never want to forget the moments I have loved so much.

It has been a super busy and crazy week with the holidays. This week was filled with family, friends, Santa and snow. Being a parent makes the holidays so different and so much more special. I love seeing Mia's face light up when we talk about Santa and presents. I love seeing how she responds to seeing family and how much she loves all of them. She has brought more joy to our lives than I could ever imagine.

At the beginning of the Holidays Mia was terrified of Santa...she loved the idea of Santa, and seeing him from far away, but the thought of seeing him too close scared her. That was until we went to see Santa at the mall. She waved at him, yelled "SANTA" and when it was her turn, she ran up to him and jumped up on his lap. This is the picture that was taken...priceless.

We made cookies for Santa and left them by the tree, except she decided she wanted to eat some of them herself.
On Christmas morning, as soon as she came downstairs and saw presents, she sat down, waiting for the OK to open them.

Right after Christmas we also got A LOT of snow. The first time it snowed she hated it, stood frozen and shouted "ALL DONE" the whole time...this time was much different. She LOVED it. She was nervous at first, but then ran around, picked up the snow, and even tried to eat it.

Daddy even made her a snowball to carry around

The holidays definately took a toll on my weight, I gained 2 pounds this week. It probably didn't help that I didn't workout all week, and ate LOTS! So I can't blame anyone but myself, eventhough I realize that at some point it is necessary that I gain SOME weight, I just really want to try and keep it down.

The other thing that happened this week is on Sunday (18 weeks) I think I felt the baby move for the first time. It was a couple of times, and I have felt it a couple of times since, it is just so faint still it is hard to know if it is really the real thing, but I am pretty sure it is.

So here are this week's pictures.

And the bare belly
Less than one week we will be able to see this little baby again! YAY!!

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