Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Another one bites the dust!

So I thought I was going to escape the dreaded stomach bug going around my house. However, I didn't. I went to work on Monday and threw up in the morning. I chalked it up to pregnancy, thinking it was semi-weird since I hadn't thrown up in 5 days. Got home from work, didn't feel very well, laid down and took a nap. Woke up very nauseous, but again claimed pregnancy.

I went to my appointment with my midwife (regular appointment). Everything looks good, the pain I was experiencing is definitely round ligament pain, I am measuring right on track, the baby's heartrate was about 155 and all is well. My midwife also said I am an excellent candidate for a VBAC and she let me know that there office has over a 70% success rate with VBAC. I am so excited to pursue this journey. My midwife is so supportive and encouraging.

Okay, so I got home from my appointment and walked in the door, and straight to the bathroom to throw up. At this point I was starting to think it was NOT pregnancy related...I was right. I threw up for the next 6 hours straight. I was miserable. My back hurt so bad, so I came downstairs to sit in the recliner...the worse part was Mia wanted her mommy, she always wants her mommy. So I would cover my head with a blanket and fall asleep and she would run over, pull the blanket off, giggle and shriek "HI MAMA!". How do you not at least try to smile when your baby girl does that.

Well, it lasted Monday night and all day Tuesday I just spent in the chair with a heating pad on my back. Now it has been through my whole house, so I am hoping we are good for awhile. Man, rough couple of days for our household!

In 1 day, I lost a couple of pounds and it almost looked like my belly completely went away! Crazy!

Also, we have our big ultrasound scheduled for January 4th. I am so excited, now I just need to make sure I can hold out and not find out who this little baby is!

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