Sunday, February 14, 2010

24 weeks = V-DAY

Making it to 24 weeks is something very special...V-DAY. And no, that doesn't mean Valentine's Day. V-DAY at 24 weeks actually refers to Viability Day. This means that if the baby were to be born now, they would have the chance at survival, although they would spend much time in the NICU. This is just such a blessing to know that we are getting so much closer to meeting this baby and that everyday this baby has a better chance at being born healthy.

The baby is kicking more and more, and it is such an amazing feeling every time I feel the baby move. We have decided on names for a boy and a girl. We are excited with our choices and can't wait to meet this baby and call them by name. Don't ask...we aren't sharing! :) Mia continues to love talking to the baby. Every morning she says Hi to Mommy's baby and gives the baby a kiss and a hug...then she pulls my shirt down to cover my belly and says "Night Night Baby" (that means we are done talking about the baby, haha.)
Here is a picture of her kissing my belly. I pray she loves this baby as much when they arrive!

Speaking of Mia...I wish I could put into words how truly amazing she is. She will be 22 months on the 22nd and is amazing us more and more everyday. She is talking a ton (although sometimes we have NO idea what she is saying) She loves to talk on the phone, build block towers, play with her farm from Aunt Lindsey and still LOVES to read books more than anything. She is constantly cracking us up with the new things she says and does. We have to really watch what we say, because she is in complete parrot mode. Here are some recent pictures of little Miss Mia.
Here she is saying "CHEESE". Don't mind the messy hair and her crazy wings! :)

And here she is hanging out in her Dora chair, watching some Curious George, and holding her new monkey. Doesn't she look like such a big girl here?
So back to this pregnancy, I gained a pound and a half this week, I knew the weight would come at some point. To date I have gained 7.5 pounds. At this stage with Mia, I had already gained 14 pounds, so I am hoping I can keep the weight down this time. My belly is continuing to grow and my shorts keep getting shorter. Here are the pictures from 24 weeks.
And the bare belly, definately getting bigger.

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