Monday, February 22, 2010

"Upcakes", Marriage and Working Out

So, if I haven't said it before, I'll say it now. Mia is "strong-willed", in other words she knows what she wants, when she wants it and has a hard time waiting for things. We especially see this when she is hungry or isn't getting the attention "She" thinks she deserves. So we have started having her help out more with things that mommy and daddy are doing (putting about dishes, throwing things away, putting things in the fridge, and setting the table) She seems to LOVE these activities. I think she loves being a "helper" but also it distracts her from whatever was making her sassy.

So the other day I decided to make some muffins and thought I'd have her help...She LOVED it! She kept talking about the "upcakes" (Cupcakes) she was making. She lined the muffin pan with liners, poured the milk in the bowl and helped mommy stir. It was adorable!! I loved it!
Here she is stirring the muffins.

So proud of herself
On Friday, Josh and I attended Marriage Enrichment night at church. This is an evening put on once a year through the church, celebrating marriage. They cater in dinner, have a program, and close with a dance. Josh had to work, so we didn't stay for the dance. This is the 6th year we have attended. Once again, it was amazing. It is amazing to belong to a church that celebrates marriage, that talks openly and honestly about the joys and struggles of marriage. They talk about keeping God at the center of your relationship and how important that is. At the end of the evening, you have a chance to recommit to your vows, even sealed with a kiss. Every time I leave, I feel refreshed and renewed. I realize how lucky I am to have been blessed with such an amazing husband. It is even more amazing to sit at this event carrying our 2nd child and reflecting on our good we really have it.
Here are Josh and I after dinner.Here I am almost 26 weeks pregnant, all dressed up for the night.

Mia dressed up in her White Sox Jersey (thanks Kerri) and my heels for the night!
And just to make you smile here are Mia's "Jane Fonda" pictures. She is in a photo contest and we had to come up with a theme, so since Josh and I both enjoy working out, we thought this would be funny! This isn't the actual outfit she is wearing for her photo shoot, but it's close. Enjoy!

Posing in her workout gear!! haha!

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Kerri said...

I love it -- "strong willed". I can attest to that! Mia is such a doll with a sparkly personality. I have enjoyed watching her grow over the past year; I love my Mia Days! And now I'm wanting some upcakes....