Sunday, April 11, 2010

10 bags of IV fluids = 9 pound weight gain...

Or at least that's my thought. I gained 9 pounds this week. I can only imagine, laying in bed for 3 days being pumped full of IV fluids caused some major water retention. I am feeling much better, although my upper back and neck are so sore from laying in a hospital bed for 3 days. Up until that incident and since then, I have been feeling pretty good. Today we even did our maternity shoot. I am so excited to see the pictures. I can't believe we are 33 weeks, that means 4 weeks until baby is full term.
Here are the pictures of the week. Big covered belly.

Look at that belly...I am wondering if looks bigger due to the fluid I am retaining
And the full body picture...check out that belly!

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