Sunday, April 18, 2010

34 weeks and back to normal

Not only am I 34 weeks and feeling back to normal, but we celebrated Miss Mia's 2nd birthday today (see next blog post).
So this is coming to you very late, as tomorrow I will technically be 35 weeks. I have felt so much better since the kidney stone was removed. YAY!! And the best part is I lost almost ALL the weight I gained in the hospital. So I am actually only up .5 pounds from where I was 2 weeks ago. That makes me VERY happy, as I was pretty freaked out about the 9 pounds I gained in the hospital.
Baby Stocking is moving tons and actually likes to do flip flops in my belly. Josh is always astounded when he can see the baby moving from across the room.
Well this will be a short update since I'm almost to 35 weeks.

Here is a full body shot.

Here is my ever growing baby belly

And the bare belly shot.

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