Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mia's 2nd birthday!

Well, it's official. Our baby has turned 2. I can't believe that Miss Mia is already another year older. Sometimes when I think about it, it makes me sad, other times, I love that she is growing up. I guess this birthday was a little different because we are so close to meeting Baby Stocking and I realize that soon Mia will no longer be our "baby".
We celebrated her birthday the weekend before, which is good because she has actually not been feeling the greatest.
Here are some pictures from her birthday. She had a blast and was so good the entire time.
We had two birthday cakes for her and she loved both of them. Here is one of them with her adorable picture on it, the other one was a Dora Cupcake cake!
Here is the birthday girl in the adorable tutu I made her!
Sporting her Dora hat and carrying her Dora balloon.
I just love her expression here. This is while we were singing Happy Birthday. She just smiled the whole time, later she kept singing her version...."Ha Day Mimi!"
It is seriously too cute
Mia with her baseball bat, ball and new Sox hat from the Lovelady. This girl may be all tutus and dresses and cute, but I think she is going to make one heck of an athlete. She seems to have a natural ability for sports.
A family picture on Mia's birthday
Me (34 weeks), Mom, and Lindsey (26 weeks)
What a great family picture!!
Mia at home shouting Hooray!!
Riding her new bike. She is a little too short for it but she still loves her "motorcycle".
Here she is on her actual birthday. This is a classic Mia face!
You can tell she wasn't feeling to hot on her birthday, either that or she really didn't like mommy and daddy singing to her.

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STEPHANIE. said...

cutie cutie cuite!!! I love the last photo. :)