Saturday, April 10, 2010

Coming to you from L&D (Labor and Delivery)

Wednesday night I started having some serious lower back pain. I assumed maybe it was from exercising the night before, but thought that was weird, since we really didn't do a lot of back. I had Josh rub it before bed, and was in so much pain I could barely crawl into bed that night. Thursday morning Josh left at 4:30am for a school in DesMoines. I got Mia up and ready for the day and then realized I was pretty sure I had a bladder infection, and that's probably why my back had been hurting. So I went to my regularly scheduled OB appointment and they confirmed that my white cells were elevated and there was blood in my urine. I filled my perscription and went back to work.

I decided to skip Stroller Strides that night because my back was not feeling any better. Mia and I ran a few errands, but I would have to stop quite a bit and breathe through the back pain. As the night progressed, the pain kept getting worse. After I put Mia to bed, I called my mom and asked her to come stay with Mia so I could go to the hospital. When I got here, they checked baby who looked great, and started me on fluids and antibiotics. They figured maybe it was a kidney infection. They also gave me some Nubain to help me sleep (it made me feel CRAZY).

On Friday, they were gearing up to send me home, when it happened. I got up to go to the bathroom and on the way back I got stuck between the bathroom and the call button. I was in pain beyond words. I have never felt something like that before. I stood stuck, sobbing in the middle of the room, praying the nurse would walk in...finally I got to the call button and by the time she came in I was in hysterics.

They got me some hot packs for my back and gave me a different pain med. Then they ordered a kidney ultrasound to check for kidney stones (which, I've never had, but do run in the family). When the ultrasound tech came in it happened again; debilitating pain and this time vomiting too. I just couldn't believe the pain. It was HORRIFIC!! They brough ultrasound up to my room and there is was. An 11mm Kidney stone. Now to put this in perspective, the tube that this is supppose to pass through is only my stone was over 10x larger than the area it needed to pass through. So the urologist came in and they scheduled me for surgery to put a stent in.

Immediately friends and family started praying for me and this little baby. At 9:30 this morning they decided to do my surgery, I would have to be put under general anesthesia, so that made me nervous, but it was all worth it when they woke me up from surgery and told me that they got the stone and no stent was needed. I got to see the stone and it was very big and jagged, so they are glad I didn't have to try and pass it.

Now I am just hanging out here listening to sweet baby's heartrate and hoping I can go home soon. They said they are going to keep me for a bit longer since the procedure actually caused me to start having contractions.

Well, Dr. just came in...I am free woman!! YAY!! Contractions have slowed, cervix is closed, about 40% effaced and still at -3 station (all that jargon means baby still has awhile, which is good). YAY!! So I'm headed home!!

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STEPHANIE. said...

Heather!...I was freaking out while reading this...holy cow girl!...I think maybe it was just preparing you for the pain of actual labor. I have heard that a kidney stone is worse than child birth! I am so glad that you and baby are doing well...p.s. your hair looks so long in those pictures below. cute. :)