Thursday, January 19, 2012

And it happens AGAIN!

I posted awhile back that we have been dealing with the sickies. Well, we still aren't over it. Seriously, how long can one family be sick. Roman has been dealing with a bronchial "thing", coughing, wheezing, etc. We started him on his nebulizer like usual, but it didn't seem to give him much relief, so we called the doctor and started him on prednisone (which we ALSO have a standing prescription for). On day 3, he still didn't seem better and so I knew a call to the doctor would be in order but before I could get that far the real fun started. I went to get him out of his room on Wednesday morning and the stench coming from his room was horrific. I walk in and the poor baby had vomited all over his crib AND to top it off had diarrhea too. OH MY!! In the half hour he was awake while I waited for the doctor to open he had diarrhea 7, yes 7 times!! UGH!! We got to the doctor and he looks great, ears are fine and we are given the "virus" diagnosis. That basically means, sit around and wait for it to get better. So we are waiting, we have been giving him water to keep him hydrated, he is eating dry cereal and toast for almost every meal (if he eats) and we have been doing LOTS of laundry, thanks to the serious case of runs he still has.
At least he is in great spirits, playing, cuddling and being as sassy as ever. I just hope he starts feeling better soon. I hate seeing him not feeling well and I know even though he's acting normal his belly can not be feeling well.
On another note, Roman being sick has reminded me how blessed I have been with a husband who goes above and beyond what most dads do. Today I needed to be at work, because I had multiple meetings and although Josh also had lots on his plate he volunteered to stay home. I got to work and got the call that Roman had the most massive blowout yet, out the diaper, down the leg, up the back, on the carpet, you name it, it was there. He changed him, bathed him, cleaned up and still got Mia to school on time. But that's not all, he washed the dirty laundry, vacuumed, dusted and put away the clean laundry and took care of a sick baby.

Seriously how did the kids and I get blessed with a man who does this and never once complains? A man who has broken a cycle and has been the kind of dad that I would love our son to grow up and mimic. A man who has incredible work ethic, dedication, faith, loyalty and a commitment to succeed. A man who TRULY gets what it means to be a daddy, to roll around on the floor and wrestle, pray at dinner and bedtime, read books, play dress up, dance with his daughter in the living room and yet disciplines with love so that our children may grow up and have the best chance at succeeding at life. I may not say it enough but I thank God everyday for blessing me with the perfect partner to raise our children with.

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