Saturday, January 07, 2012

A new committment to staying updated

I think I might be starting to sound like a broken record. As the start of 2012 has arrived I have realized a lot of things. I have realized my kids are growing up before my eyes, I am getting older, I am striving to accomplish and learn new things and the reality is there will come a day when I don't remember the many things we, as a family, have done.
In 2012 I have resolved to be better about keeping this blog. I am sure NO ONE reads this, but I really want to write down what is going on in our lives...for so many reasons; so I remember, so I can share it with the kids someday and so that at the end of the year I can be reminded of the many things God has blessed us with. So to start I will give quick updates on us and see if I can be dedicated enough to continue we go!

I'll start with Roman:
He is currently 19.5 months and the most active, ornery, loving, funny boy I've ever met. He melts my heart everyday and is growing smarter by the moment. One of the last posts I made was about his physical therapy and that is all a sign of the past. He is running, jumping, climbing, and anything else physical you can think of. He talks up a storm (only we can probably understand), he ADORES his big sister more than anything. He loves to do prayers at nighttime. He finds comfort in his "bankie" (his blanket my aunt made him). He loves to go to church nursery and the gym. He LOVES baths. He is amazing. He also loves to challenge us, be ornery and see how far he can push the limits. He is our "all boy"!!

Where do I start with her? She has become such a sweet, smart, polite little girl. Yes, she has her moments, but what 3.5 year old doesn't. She leads mealtime prayers, uses her manners quite frequently without prompting, she loves to draw, color, cut and do crafts. She loves Barbies and princesses and REALLY wants to marry her daddy "because she loves him so much". She loves her great-grandma who passed when she was 8 months old, she carries pictures around of her and pretends to talk to her. I love that my grandma lives on through her. She is a mother hen, sometimes to a fault, she loves Roman and I love the relationship they are developing.

He has worked so hard this past year to get us in a place where we are financial smart and secure. He still loves his job and we LOVE having him home more. He has learned many new things about fixing things at the house and has done a great job. He is an amazing father and husband. He taught Mia how to ride her bike and will never turn down an opportunity to wrestle on the floor with the kids.

This has been a year of many things. Josh and I took our first vacation since our honeymoon with no kids to Cabo San Lucas and it was AMAZING!!! I fell in love with him all over again. He got me an acoustic guitar for Christmas that I am going to try and learn to play!! I am disgusted with my body and weight and so we joined a gym and I have been busting my butt trying to get in shape. I have decided that I need a new perspective and this year is going to be one of positivity, and growth. Work is amazing and I love that I am continually supported and encouraged to grow.

It is amazing being a family of 4, and that's what we are. We will never be 5 or 6, we are 4. I have had to come to terms with that this past year. Through that process I have realized how immensely blessed I have been with 2 healthy children, who love us, love each other and love the Lord. We are finding our niche and I am starting to really love and appreciate who we are as a family of 4.

Well that is the update. The goal now to stay more UPDATED!!! Let's see how I do :)

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